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I was only 8 years old probably when a guy I used to call “uncle” touched me inappropriately. I didn’t even know what harassing means or the meaning of the word “sex”.  I was a child and I felt super uncomfortable. I wanted to tell about this to my parents but I was scared that my mom might scold me. As I grew up and understood more about people, I wasn’t the only person. My sister and many other women went through similar situations. I still see that man sometimes. I still see men like him roaming in front of my eyes. But I stay quiet. I stay quiet because I know there’s no point telling them. Nobody is going to listen to me or do anything about it. But still, somehow I thought maybe, maybe I have my parents’ back no matter what, until that day. Until the day my mother decided to defend a rapist and did not think about how insecure I felt when she let him stay at our home. She questioned me instead of him. She questioned my choice of clothes, my existence and how my fear is absolute nonsense. The person who should have the most trust in me decided to trust another man. I felt disappointed. helpless. I did not know who should talk to or ask for help. But a part of me wants people to know. To tell people that this is nothing uncommon. I am no writer and even if I was one I don’t know how to write negative things about your own parents. How to write that the people who you should trust your life with are the ones who make you feel so horrible. I cannot describe how heavy my heart feels and how much I want to scream and let it all out. Maybe this blog is helping me do that. Maybe not.  

I don’t know whether people ever going to see my writing but there’s something I really want to say. Please do not give birth to a human being if you cannot raise them.  Please don’t blame your children for your failure. You brought them to this world, they didn’t choose you. And lastly, do not ignore people who are victims of toxic parenting. It’s no myth.


We as a team, express our heartfelt solidarity with the writer. Given the sensitivity and to respect the writer’s personal preference, we have anonymized the article to protect privacy.


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