Patriarchy as lifestyle

The latest phenomenon of our modern equal world is a line.

Ask only so much of what you aren’t supposed to be asking of in the first place.

You’re getting education, not all of you, but bonus points for progressive urban households. You get jobs, although only a few of you make it beyond managerial positions, but Hallelujah.

You can be a working failure of a parent because look at our women in the past, dedicating longest lives to the nourishment of children, and look at you trying to do it all because it’s either 100% of both responsibilities or signing yourself to the legacy of conceptually legendary moms, when all you wanted was to raise a kid of a happy mother living her dreams.

In we go to an incalculable black hole of demotivation and exhaustion and impossible dreams only to find millions of our women from the past marking footprints.

Make no mistake, some of us are unbelievably strong. Ambition and undying strength takes us places, beyond discrimination, safety myths, feminine role theories, and slut-shaming; beyond patriarchy.

Our women win over a a decade worth of barriers to reach a point where the other crowned gender merely paves a start, many a times from a relatively low intellectual progress, because to even deserve to start with fellows higher in abs and height must be tough when we are talking brains.

Most us don’t want to be in a job that doesn’t challenge sunsets or children’s eating schedules, in fashion or culinary nor teaching. But look at us have a category of jobs deemed appropriate for women. Patriarchy hasn’t forced us slammed, uh uh, they don’t do that in our modern equal world. We were convinced that it’s our choice.

If convinced otherwise, we’d be aircraft pilots, mechanics, firefighters, or bigger female sports teams, although still payed hilariously lesser.

So the mantra is simple of the modern equal world. Draw a damn line.
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