Say no to racism!

Women Chapter Desk:

This needs to be said. AGAIN.

Some random brat takes a picture of an obese or really skinny, dark-skinned man/woman & sometimes, even a transgender, off the internet and adds a caption that goes something like “Tag someone who should marry me” or “Tag a Rahul/Neha who will look good with me” and turns it into a meme. Then, a lot of people on Facebook almost instantly cast their wisdom aside and aggressively type on their keypads to tag their friends on that post. Everyone laughs and then logs out and the superficiality and vanity of human existence once again triumphs over thoughtfulness, kindness, wisdom, love and humanity. Ridiculous!

I mean, seriously, why is that funny at all? Why do you need to “think” that you and the friend you tagged are superior in some way than the person in the picture just because you were blessed with better features than him/her, through no effort of your own? Why do you “think” that the way one looks is the ONLY parameter of knowing about who one really is?

Source: Internet

Let me break it to you, my friend, all this little seemingly harmless fun-activity of yours really does, is show your own shallowness, lack of respect, immaturity, immense lack of intelligence and futility of your education.

PS. Look at the picture attached to witness the imbecile attitude of people. And this is just ONE of the THOUSANDS of memes on the internet right now.

PPS. The lady in the picture here is Gabourey Sidibe, an Academy Award nominee for the movie “Precious”

Post courtesy: Camouflaged Whispers


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