She Matters & Salesforce guide newcomer ladies to career excellence

Nadia Kramarenko:

Salesforce is built on risk-taking, exploring bold ideas, and trust. Marc Benioff launched the company when he was able to say, ‘I learned to trust myself.’ Today, Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. But its impact goes far beyond tech. It is committed to giving back and a reciprocal relationship at a personal level. And these are backed by trust – to oneself and others. It simply doesn’t work otherwise. That’s also the core of our programming and values. We believe in working from both the head and the heart, with love, dignity, and respect.

Together, we offer a new cloud-driven solution. So let’s take a peek ‘behind the cloud,’ shall we?

Salesforce supports refugees through a number of initiatives. With BuddyForce, the team wanted to take it a step further. And, as Marc Benioff said, ‘the only constant in the technology industry is change.’ So what’s next? Galforce! We’ve partnered with Salesforce to inspire and motivate young newcomer ladies in the Netherlands to successfully navigate the job market.

Where are we heading

Galforce is inspired by BuddyForce, but custom-made for women. This brings us to taking our Lotus Flower Programme as a blueprint.

This 12-week programme is designed to help the women gain the knowledge, skills, and network they need to succeed in the Dutch workforce.

Our cornerstones

  • Education: Classroom trainings (‘teacher’ led bi-weekly sessions)
  • Do it yourself: Practically applying the knowledge (homework assignments coupled with bi-weekly mentorship sessions)
  • Team building: Social learning (collaborate in teams)
  • Mentorships: Practical, emotional and social support


Crucially, these cornerstones are based on sisterhood and camaraderie. That’s what She Matters and our collaboration with Salesforce are about.

Our roadmap

  • Phase 1: Get to know each other (introductions and V2Me)
  • Phase 2: Business writing & presenting yourself
  • Phase 3: Job application & interview skills

Guides and How To’s

Newcomer ladies:

  • Get mentored by Salesforce employees via Women’s Network
  • Engage in fun social activities
  • Get real deliverables (CV, cover letter, etc. + potential job placement)


In his book ‘Behind the Cloud,’ Benioff said that Salesforce never really had organisational charts or KPIs – instead, it has relied mostly on the V2MOM.

What does it stand for and how does it work? You just have to answer the following five questions:

  • Vision: What do you want to do?
  • Values: What’s most important about that vision?
  • Methods: How do you get the job done?
  • Obstacles: What challenges, problems, and issues might stand in the way?
  • Measures: How will you know when you’ve succeeded?


That’s our takeaway and we found our answers. The last two questions? For the women, obstacles are in the past. Obviously, as we move forward, new obstacles may emerge. Now we’ll overcome them together. And how will we know when we’ve succeeded? That’s the day She Matters is not needed. For that day to come, we need YOU. Fancy joining us? Sign up here. Be the change! #SheMatters

Reproduced with permission from She Matters; our contributing partner.

About the writer:

Photo credit: Kate Sklianchenko

Nadia is a translator/interpreter and editor with above 10-year experience in professional services, financial, banking, legal, and media sectors. She has been part of international and domestic organisations and projects.

Nadia has been providing translation/interpretation and language services to Global Rights Compliance (GRC) on its ICC and IHL project in Ukraine, the Stanford University on its research project looking into conflict-related perception specifics in Ukraine, Ukraine Crisis Media Center (UCMC) and its partners, as well as the Presidential Administration to support the English version of the Official website of the President of Ukraine.

Her most recent media projects include DW Conflict Zone, BBC World News HARDtalk, Talking Europe France24, EURACTIV, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for the Office of Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Nadia is working on various business, financial, legal, humanitarian, conflict-related, as well as media and PR projects.

Earlier, she worked with Deloitte, Astra Bank (Ukraine/Greece), set up and led Translation/Interpretation and Editing Group with VTB Bank (Ukraine), and provided language services to VTB Capital (UK).

Nadia holds a Masters Degree (Hons.) in translation/interpretation, teaching, and philology from the National Aviation University (NAU) (Kyiv).

She has above 40 publications on language learning, translation/interpretation, linguistics, and international business customs and practices.

Nadia’s commitment to helping people to understand each other better and ensuring effective communication in complex and controversial environments brought her to She Matters. Here, Nadia got a chance to translate this commitment into helping refugee and migrant women and girls to overcome adversity and challenges they face.

About She Matters:

She Matters empowers refugee and migrant women to build their social and economic capital, boost their self-confidence as well as become leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities.

She Matters envisions a world where all refugee and migrant women:

  • are empowered to fully participate in economic life across all sectors;
  • have equal access to education and political participation;
  • are free from violence;
  • have the support and services they need to thrive in daily life;
  • inform and drive their own solutions and development.


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