Judgments and you

Kamal Preet  Kaur:



Image Source: melbournechapter

We judge to belittle,

We judge to satisfy our insecurity,

We judge to feel better of ourselves,

We judge to make the other miserable,

We judge so we can breathe,

So we can breathe the air,

That’s probably someone else’s.


We judge so we can steal,

Steal another’s peace,

Or maybe even their peace,

The piece that they’ve maybe completed

Their ‘being-puzzle’with.

You judge and you steal,

You leave when you’re done.

But the one stolen from has to look for a

Fresh piece for their peace,

So they can put together their being again.


Because you,

Can’t stop to judge.



Kamal Preet Kaur is an International Law lover, with a passion for writing, poetry, photography and animals. She loves to be doing something for the society, be it for children or women. And no matter what, she simply always, loves the feel of writing.



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