Shukhia is a woman, Shukhia is a minority!

Proma Israt(Translated by Tinni Rahman):


daily observer reported on June 11,2017: A widow was allegedly killed as she denied illicit proposal of a man at Sutang Bazar Rabidas Para area under Sadar upazila here on Saturday morning.
In this connection, police arrested one Shailu Mia, 35, son of late Abdur Nur, of Suraboi village in the upazila.
The deceased was identified as Sukhia Rabidas, 30, wife of late Moni Lal Rabidas, of the area.
Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Shayestaganj Police Station Mohammad Nazim Uddin said, the body was recovered and sent to Habiganj Sadar Adhunik Hospital morgue for an autopsy

Shukhia Robidash, left home running for saving her own life. But couldn’t go far, stumbled and fell,and later she was beaten to death by a heavy wood by Shailu Mia.


Shukhia Robidash, age 30, lived beside Shutang bazar at Hobiganj with a few Robidash families with her younger brother. Whose husband Monilaal Dash was killed eight years ago. Shukhia’s uncle Arjun Robidash was also killed in 2013, whose main suspect was ShailuMia and the key witness was ShukhiaRobidash.

Image Source: The Daily Star


Shukhia was from the minority community; she was poor, widowed and a woman. A woman like Shukhia was alive for this long! May be she was alive for the hope of justice, may be she lived for justice for her man. May be she wanted to live, that’s why she lived. She ran after being raped so she could live. But he, who is guilty, because he was not punished, he became extravagantly arrogant. He thought he could kill Shukhia by beating her up openly, and so he did kill Shukhia openly by beating in the bazar. Yes, there were a lot of people, but nobody came to save her. Nobody raised a voice.


Does anybody have any responsibility, so he/she would come to save her? Does Shukhia belong to them?


Proma Israt

Shukhia is a helpless woman, minority, poor, widow.


It came to newspaper that Police arrested ShailuMia, preparation of case is going on. There should be justice for him. But would anybody give witness against him? Shukhia was raped and killed openly for the crime of giving witness against him. The court wants evidence, witness, documents and prove.


We all are dead. None of us want to get involved in any kind of trouble. We all have stress for life. We don’t have any safety, always everywhere we suffer the fear of death and the fear of who will take care of our near and dear ones who are dependent on us when we die? We are afraid of loosing the ones who are close to us, even the fear of us being alive.


Shukhias’ had to die, because Shailumia wanted to occupy the land where Shukhia’s family lived. It is a sin to be born as a member of minority community in this country. In the same reason houses are burning in Longdu, Khagrachori, People are being burnt to death. Women are being raped. Openly black boots and the powerful hands are oppressing people.


There is only one difference between them and ShailuMia. ShailuMia is from outside the system and they are from inside the system. In mentality they are brothers from the same mother.

The pain and sorrow of these people, the injustice that goes on for days, and not getting justice became a rule. How long Shukhia’s have to die like this?


State will give safety to my life. The right of living without fear is an equal right for all citizens of this country. And the highest law of our country, the constitution of Bangladesh gives this right. Constitution says, in this country the value of life of the president of this country is not more valuable in any means than of Shukhia’s.

Proma Israt is a lawyer by profession.The original article was published in Bengali site on June 11,2017.

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