Sojourner and the Triaged Moments: The End

Pamelia Riviere:


Pumpkin and Zucchini fritters feast: Covid Negative

August 14, 2022


A philosophical issue presented itself that started me thinking about something new and wonderful. My great mental energy is perfect for any problems, even struggling with Covid. And I knew I would likely end up in a better place.


After a few hours of sleep, I felt a lot better today. The backyard was full of beautiful seasonal flowers, including zucchini and pumpkin flowers. The pumpkin flowers have a sweet fragrance, and it was in the air. The bees were moving from one to another, seeking honey. Last week, I collected flowers and put them in the refrigerator. I wrapped them nicely, so they stayed fresh. Today Wanita is coming to pick up her stuff. She is leaving for Italy this Tuesday. So, I planned to make flower fritters for her. I counted the flowers, a total of 35. Still, they look very fresh. I plucked five more flowers that bloomed today.


I decided to take a rapid test so I could start a new day. The test result came negative. Wow! I informed my kids first and my family members. They were so happy and relieved. Wanita’s in-laws called me and messaged me to congratulate me that I am negative now.  

I happily went downstairs to make shrimp and flower pakora to celebrate Covid’s negative result day. I used parmesan cheese, egg, and bread crumbs to make them flavourful and crunchy. It was not easy to make so many pakoras. Oh no! I just got tired of making one dish today. I packed some pakoras for Wanita and kept some for my sister Ruellia. I also shared a few with my tenants. They were so happy to see the pumpkin fritters.


Today was the first day I vacuumed downstairs; it was full of Freddie’s hair. After the shower, I felt fresh. In the afternoon, I decided to water the plants. When I finished watering, Wanita arrived. She picked up her necessary stuff from her room and the fritters I made and left quickly. She encouraged me to go for a brisk walk. My head was foggy, and I was feeling too tired not to go for a walk. Still, I changed my mind and decided not to stay at home. I dressed up for a short walk. 


My next-door neighbor’s kids found two baby bunnies under the car, and their parents put them in a box. Front door kids watch them running and try hard to put them inside the box. They were so joyful, but I was sad to watch the little bunnies’ helplessness. The parents and kids terrorized them. Oh no, the poor bunnies need to find their mummy.

 I just shared my opinion with the parents to let them go. However, the kids were walking home, putting them inside the box. I felt so sad. With uneasiness, I walked to the waterfront. I sat down by the water for a few minutes and then felt dizzy. The blue sky and sea-green water could not keep me longer as I was too tired.


While walking, my elder sister called me to know about my health. I informed her that today’s test result came negative. She was so happy to hear this news. I talked for a few minutes and then returned home. The sun was setting, but I was feeling for a new day. The day can make a difference in my life.

It’s time for me to get organized. Life was messy during the past weeks of sickness. Things just aren’t going to take care of themselves, after all! Lots of work ahead. I do not know how long the post-covid effect would continue and to what extent. The good news is that this is my specialty, and my energy is totally pumped for it!

I became philosophical these days and thought about Buddha, my sufferings from Covid, and his doctrines. As we know, Buddhism is the world’s fourth-largest religion but does not claim as a divine religion. This religion is known as the doctrines and disciplines of Buddha. Buddhism, a philosophical tradition, is based on a series of teachings with specific teachings and practices. Buddha explained his ideas through four noble truths, such as the overcome of suffering (duḥkha), impermanence (anicca) and the non-existence of the Self (anattā), and the attainment of Nirvana that ends the cycle of death and rebirth. In the West, academia sees this religion as a contemporary religion that talks about love and care without claiming divinity and fearing people of hell and the hope of heaven. And there is no deity, shaped god and goddesses, or a shapeless god. However, like all other religions, Buddhism teaches texts through meditation, prayer/recitation, and moral precepts. And it is an institutionalized (monasticism) religion that aims to build perfection/ virtues in the community and make people righteous/ Dharma. In the University of Toronto Holistic Curriculum Classroom, we used to meditate at the beginning of the class. We also meditated at home and wrote journals to identify self/soul.”

As I alluded to earlier, I tried to narrate my spirits concerning pain, temporariness, and soul concepts in this journal. The concepts are similar to Buddha’s three truths, such as suffering (duḥkha), impermanence (anicca), and the non-existence of the Self (anattā). And I comprehend the attainment of Nirvana. The living beings are walking in Nirvana’s cycle of death and rebirth. So do I! 

I became part of the epidemic and suffered long from Covid. I am glad that I came back to myself. After traveling on this earth for a few more years, I may return to another planet or a different galaxy as the most beautiful soul/self. That will be my Nirvana.

The End.

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The writer is an expert in Curriculum and Pedagogy (CP), Peace and Conflict educator, Toronto, Canada. She can be reached at [email protected]

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