The Tale of A Woman’s Life Turning Upside Down: Rape and Aftermath

Israt Jahan Urmi (Translated by Sadia Rahman):

Rituparno Ghosh in his film “Dahan” focused on internal burning of women. The story of a colorful evening and how it turns into the darkest moment while shopping with husband. This is a story of a married woman. The story is about how her world, known familiar world gets changed. Do you know why? Because, the girl was attacked by a bunch of guys whose fathers were really influential people. Her husband was with her but it was a girl who came forward to help her.

Basically, the challenges a girl has to face after rape or attempt to rape in this society was portrayed in the movie.  Even the dearest person, the husband brings that topic and rapes her again- all these traumas were portrayed graphically there.

No one showed us these in details here in this country. In this society we are bonded by genital ‘honor’, it is a society where a woman’s honor is inscribed in her vagina, and her vagina’s honor dictates her family’s honor. When a woman’s body is attacked by men, the woman has to face the cruelest scenes here. Society, state not even family stands beside them. How much we can accompany them only by some of writings and feeble voices?

The day before yesterday one of my younger journalist brothers informed me that one of the Banani victims has received the notice to leave the apartment.  That time I was busy with another important assignment and was unable to give any feedback. On the other hand feedbacks are of no use in these matters. These things keep on  happening .Some things like this happen. Our T.R.P crazy media keep themselves updated to the point for their own purpose. Then everything becomes mere memory here. It is not our duty to keep track on how many times a girl has to go through the similar or dissimilar incidents or have to be assaulted over and over again.

They had to face the question that why did they go on that party that night. But if you go to the crime reporters or to the feminist groups and NGO’s you’ll get to know thousands and thousands nightmarish rape cases. They did not go on a party and yet got raped! How can you blame going to party then?

I interviewed three victims while working on a report. I had to face difficulties doing so. No one wants to come forward.  These girls are being shamed by the fault of society and men. But they had no share on this shame.

The girl was raped when she was only seven years old. It was on 2011. They at last got verdict in 2017. In these six years this girl and her parents shifted their living place repeatedly. Her studies were at stake. Her poor parents were ominously roaming through the city.

A girl of class ten was raped. Her father’s friend wanted to introduce her to his daughter at home and raped her. His age was near fifty. Case ran for over five years. In these five years the girl has covered herself in scarf. She could not appear in S.S.C first time for the complicacy of the case. Now she is in college. But she has to be present in court two or three times in a month. Poverty, witness complicacy, weather up downs, uncertainty – these are the things the girl is taught by these years.

We just superficially see the incident of rape.  We follow the incident only till somebody is arrested. Then no one on earth accompanies the victim in the dangerous troublesome journey. (Though the rule is to declare the verdict within 180 days but it gets delayed by the process of witness incompatibility, delay in police report, delay in medical report etc. The law only lies in the books not in reality)

We may not be able to stand beside the victim always. But it is the state’s duty to protect victim’s life from being hell. Society and stated does the exact opposite mostly. In this society if a girl gets raped and slaughter afterwards, she gets a little sympathy. But if someone is raped and demands justice without hesitation we, without any hesitation can tag her as a “prostitute”.

This state has never been a women friendly state. She will ever be so in this Islamic Hefazats country is a dreamlike incident too. What we can do is at least try to spread the victims tales of climbing mountains.  This is farce to stay silent only holding a candle in hands.

The original article was published in the Bengali site on 25th May, 2017.
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Israt Jahan Urmi is working as senior journalist at DBC NEWS, former Senior Reporter At ATN News and has several publications. An ardent supporter of feminism, she writes regularly in several online portals.






Sadia Rahman is a final year student of English literature, Rajshahi University. Other than writing, her passions include writing, debating and anchoring. 

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