The woman you are

Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur:

(Image Collected from Internet)

You’ll be torn, pulled, created and destroyed.
You’ll be hated, you’ll be hit,
You’ll be facing every shit.
You’ll stand up, you’ll give in
You’ll continue and live in

You’ll be harrassed by male female alike,
Maybe a little tiny percent less by a female
But mostly the same.
You’ll be judged for being a woman, for your gender
Judged for your religion
Judged for your birth
Judged for your choices, bold or weak
Judged for being loud and also for being quiet.

You’ll be struggling every stage of your journey
You’ll be reaching out and yet will be thrown off
You’ll be crying and be humiliated for it
Loving and humiliated for it
Hating and even so, shamed for it too.

You’ll unclothed through their eyes and
Harassed with their words
You’ll be raped when they feel necessary
And left to die when they’re done.

Oh! you’ll face that, which is unimaginable
And yet, imaginable to those who carry it out.

You’ll face it all,
And yet, yet, what they’ve never fully realised is,
That you’ll be reviving, yet again,
Standing up, get again,
Fighting back, yet again,
Because, because you’re always, always going to be stronger, much more stronger than the weakling who looked down upon you.

Kamal Preet Kaur is an International Law lover, with a passion for writing, poetry, photography and animals. She loves to be doing something for the society, be it for children or women. And no matter what, she simply always, loves the feel of writing.
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