Trickery of China and World Health Organization: Conspiracy Theory? 

Pamelia Khaled:

Image source: BBC


The most challenging issue is now the Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom’s irresponsible behavior regarding the global pandemic. He deceived the world and praised China that they are tackling well COVID 19, the virus and no need for the travel ban. Then, how China deceived the WHO Director. One tweet was released from the WHO account on January 14, and it said: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus.” That same day, the Wuhan Health Commission’s public bulletin declared, “We have not found proof for human-to-human transmission.” But by that point, even the Chinese government was offering caveats not included in the WHO tweet. “The possibility of limited human-to-human transmission cannot be excluded,” the bulletin said, “but the risk of sustained transmission is low, The Atlantic news reported.


Now the U.S. senators are called for investigations, and President Trump threatened to cut off WHO’s funding. Trump cleared that the World Health Organization failed to show accountability. WHO’s transparency could save thousands of lives. America and this world rely on WHO for the right information, not deception. It could have been easy if the WHO and China were truthful. President Trump says that now this organization needs reform. He also announced the U.S. would cut off funds to the World Health Organization. He criticized the Director’s role and its response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Thus, China and WHO Director both broke human rights absolutely. This deception cost numerous lives across the world. China allowed traveling thousands of people from Wuhan to Italy knowingly that would cause a disaster in Italy. The head of the World Health Organization is facing renewed calls to resign because of claims he downplayed China’s cover-up of the deadly disease. This, we now know, was catastrophically untrue.

We also know that these brutal deaths are not happening following the Malthus theory that we realize. Or the casualties are not soaring following Darwin’s selection theory. Neither COVID 19 is a natural product, nor is this nature taking revenge on us because we polluted this earth. The mass killing is happening for China’s global economic power capturing plan. And the theory of conspiracy is to kill innocents across the world. The story of Dr. Ai Fen and Wuhan patients indicate that China has a lethal plan to slay mass humans and take global economic control in its hands.


The statistics show that we lose more people in road accidents daily across the world. At this moment, for lockdown and isolation, there are not many road accidents, so that we won’t lose too many people according to the Malthus theory. Our conjecture is when the real truth will come out, it would shock us more. We could endure if nature took revenge to decrease the population of the world, as Malthus mentioned. But what we see now that is inexcusable. 


The accidents and other sorts of deaths do not stop the world or country’s economy. But the act of the virus could stop our life, daily activities and turn down our economy significantly. China knew it. 

Therefore, we assume COVID 19 was used as a bioweapon to kill humans. Did China plan to employ a pilot study on humans, or they just wanted to spread the virus on humans and observe the outbreak? As China lied, we can assume all these as we cannot trust China’s policy on the deadly virus anymore. 


A lawyer in the USA has already filed a lawsuit against China for 20 trillion dollars damages. I believe the families who lost their loved ones, they all want to prosecute against China too. This world lost so many doctors, nurses and other professionals, including its citizens. Every single-family and each country should come forward and question to China and WHO official for giving this world a false report.


These days we all are torn in between the fallacy; we will “overcome or die.” We wanted to see peace aftermath of COVID 19 now we can see there are only hatred and deception from China. We want to be sure how the USA, U.K., Italy, Germany and other world leaders are going to take this treacherous impression of China. Using COVID 19 virus against humanity is a severe issue. China must get the price for its evil practices on innocent humans and misleading the world. And the Chinese government must compensate for each life we have lost. 


We are not moving with this issue as we are prejudiced or biased. We are so disappointed now watching the death rows. Now we believe China used the Wuhan food market as a shadow only to distract us. 

Apparently, the China government wants to kill more people, but we do not know why. Who knows what they have in their mind? They spread this virus across the world, why. This mass killing issue must be investigated, and China should answer to this world. China is obligated to respond to the world and liable for all these deaths and suffering.


 Until today the number of deaths occurred that is sufficient to sanction on them like Japan is removing all business from China. We need more information on this fake report issue. So, we can justify what happened actually. Is it a result of conspiracy or deception? This country should not let go without facing the consequences of their acts! And it’s quite visible that they are capable of concealing facts. Perhaps, the International Court of Justice could look into this matter when the world gets rid of this pandemic.


Many mothers lost their children as they were working in the frontline, including hospitals. They worked day and night to save others, but many of them died. They could not return to their mothers for COVID 19. So, China should be accountable for this situation. We are now in trauma as we are losing our cherished ones every day. 

 We expect the global leaders will take action on this issue soon. If they just tested on us with COVID 19 to see the disorder in global societies. Whether China plans to send a new type of virus to take further action against us. 


Seeing the death toll across the world, we are frustrated, as we can’t take it anymore. We all wish the world leaders will take action on this issue quickly. We want to prosecute China for each life we lost. And we are unsure if China continues this sort of evil act in the future and keep lying. Thus, it is essential to implement sanctions on this country. 

We need to think about what the original plan, is it to destroy the West? The key idea is to turn down the Western economy by killing people from spreading the virus.


 We can’t believe how China could use a new virus on humans across the world, including her people. Who is the creator of this virus? What is the source and location of this virus? Each issue should have to be scrutinized. Wuhan food market is not the case at all as they are used to consuming those live food from that market. They made us gullible about the Wuhan food market that the food market is the origin of the virus, which is not valid at all.


 They planned to kill humans to disrupt the global economy, that is the reality. But we humans are the sufferer. We all gradually discerning this conspiracy theory, as their lethal plan of mass human killing is taking a toll on humans’ lives. We just want to know the truth, the reason for the large-scale killing of humans. And we want justice, that is all.


The writer is a Doctoral Candidate working on peace and conflict resolution through science at Curriculum Studies and teacher, Development department, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), Teaching Assistant, Sociology Department, University of Toronto.


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