“Women who run with the wolves”: A compelling book for the womankind

Shucheesmita Simonti:

“Eventually every woman who stays away from her soul-home for too long, tires. This is as it should be. Then she seeks her skin again in order to revive her sense of self and soul, in order to restore her deep-eyed and oceanic knowing…” (P. 286, Women who run with the wolves)

“Women who run with the wolves” is a thorough and compelling book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which is not just a book. It is a spiritual guide, it is a manual for womankind all across the world. It skillfully delves into various aspects of the feminine psyche.

The book is divided into 16 chapters and addresses issues that are relevant for women all across the world, from different periods and cultures- sexuality, romantic relationships, inner creative life, body image, rage, trauma, healing, etc. Each chapter contains mythical tales and their analyses from a spiritual and psychological perspective, making it thorough and compelling.


During the 12 days that I spent reading the book, I found myself immersed in a soul journey. Every single day, I tried to take out as much time as I could to read the book. I felt as if the writer was talking to me. I kept on talking to my friends about how great the book is, kept sending them screenshots, and kept encouraging them to read it at one point. I also made extensive notes and reflected on my own life throughout. Personally, as an aspiring writer and quilling artist, I was drawn to Chapter 10 which talks about women’s creative lives. For years, I have dealt with Writer’s Block Syndrome and felt all the creativity inside me dried up. This is a symptom I deal with from time to time. At times, I do not feel motivated to write anything, or even if I try, I am unable to. For years, my passion for arts and crafts was also nearly wiped away from my memory until last year when I accidentally came across a paper quilling toolkit. I did not do paper quilling before, but I am hooked to this beautiful craft form and turned it into a side hustle last year as a freelancer. This development not only brought in joy and happiness but also confusion and pain for I was confronted with my past. Reading this book helped me realize what factors possibly contributed to the death of my creative life, and also provided me with very useful tips on what I must do to prevent the death of my creative life again and to nourish it with utmost care. Likewise, the other chapters also were full of wisdom and helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. By the time I finished reading the book, I was filled up with feelings of gratitude, for I encountered La Loba, and I howled.

Are you wondering who is La Loba? If you want to know her, as I did, you must read the book and embark on a soul-fulfilling journey.

Happy reading!
Bon voyage!

Reproduced from the writer’s personal blog: Simonti Writes 

The writer is part of the core team of Women Chapter. She has completed an M.A. in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, the Netherlands.  Her passion includes inter-faith peacebuilding, refugee rights, women empowerment, etc. She is one of the young leaders of the Women Deliver Young Deliver 2018 Program. When she is free, she likes to write, travel or make quilled art/crafts
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