Zero Tolerance

Tania Morshed


Nobody has the right to beat you……….. You may be a child, girl, teenager, young lady, middle age woman, old woman. And he is your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, son ………… anybody. If you aren’t an adult and you don’t understand things, it’s their responsibility to teach you. If you are an adult and they are saying that you aren’t understanding, tell them why you aren’t understanding the way they want you to and let them know your views. If they still say you don’t understand, tell them “Leave me alone with my views. Everybody’s understanding isn’t the same. If you can take who I am, walk with me, even the path is different. If can’t take it don’t block the path. Nobody has the right to shut down my path.”

Tania Morshed
Tania Morshed

You are educated, working, responsible for everything of the family, from giving birth to raise the children, satisfy every need of the husband and that “you” get beaten?! Why?! He told you that you can’t do anything without his support! And without him your children would live a miserable life. Tell me, does “father” mean a monster? He isn’t a monster? May be not in your eyes! Ask your children what (s)he sees in him, a human or a monster. There is no great sacrifice for your children by getting abused by him. Sorry to say the truth. Your children pity you, not respect you. Those who can’t respect themselves don’t get respect from others. Even from their own children. Tell me now, what do you want? Respect or pity or even hatred? Yes sometimes you could get hatred by sleeping with that monster. Thinking, when your son grows up he will be a better human being. By strange human psychology there is a big chance that he will follow his dad’s footsteps! And wishing that your daughter wouldn’t get your bad luck! There is a big chance if she gets your luck she will follow your path! She will tolerate the abuse like you! She watched her mom’s sacrifice! See, what your sacrifice brings in future! Still you won’t stand up?! After all these you won’t tell, “You have no right to beat me.” Won’t you stop the hand which abuses you? Why? What’s in him who is abusing, breaking, molding as his own taste, and sucking the life out from you by the name of children, love, family, society, culture, and religion? Please for your sake stand up for once! Show him your strength. More than that show it to yourself how strong, courageous you are! ……………… I am waiting!

He doesn’t beat you? Not any more now? “Just” mental abuse? Is mental abuse any less than physical abuse? Let me tell you, if you don’t let your children know that still (s) he knows it! Will know it! The result will be like tolerating physical abuse! Don’t spoil your children’s life with yours! If father is a monster, would children’s life would be normal if you stay with him? I am tired of listening to your stories, how many more stories do I have to listen?! Why won’t I hear the stories of standing up, protesting against? When will I have time to hear the stories of illiterate, jobless, no place to go women?!

(Tania Morshed was born and brought up in Bangladesh where she got her Electrical Engineering degree in 1991. She came to USA in 1994. She got MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University in California in 1999. In 2006, she was suddenly diagnosed with soft-¬tissue sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. At that time her son was 6 years old. While fighting cancer and raising the young boy, she engaged into writing about raising cancer awareness in social media as well as a wide variety of topics including women’s rights, minority rights, racial tolerance, secularism, religious fanaticism, parenting etc. )

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