A daughter’s tale!

Naorin Amina:

I’m Naorin Amina, a girl from Bangladesh. At age 6, my cousin molested me. I felt that something wrong was happening to me. To figure out ‘what actually happened’- I had to wait for a decade.

I couldn’t share this to anyone even parents. Bcz my cousin was so much obedient, faithful & loving to my family. Like other children’s, I condemned myself too. Suddenly, a playful baby turned introvert, scared & lonely. Stopped visiting young male cousins. Nobody noticed!

At age 16, first, I shared it to my female cousins. 5 among 6 confessed that they were abused by the same person in their childhood. we all had to suffer depressions in silence for years! I thought that ‘Sex Education’ may effective for safe childhood & decided to fight for ‘Compulsory Sex Education’ in Bangladesh.

Now I’m 22. This year (14th Feb) I founded a Volunteering Organization named- “The 6th Sense”. This Organization provides Sex Education for 5-10y/o school going children through workshops.

We teach the children to differentiate ‘GOOD & BAD TOUCH’, Inform about Private Body Parts & allowance, What to do while someone touching private areas. Conduct a Survey to know how many are abused & Provide Free Counseling for Traumatised.

Yet, we have done workshops in 12 ‘Primary School’ with more than a thousand children, where we’ve found 40% abused children. Next month we’ll start Workshop- ‘Safe Adolescence’ in Secondary School.

Now, we are searching for donations to spread our workshop outside, Rajshahi. All of our volunteers are students. They can’t bear the transportation cost for an outing. You may follow our activities on Facebook: fb.com/The6thSenseBd

I shared about the abuser with my mom, 3months later after starting my Organization. They felt sorry for me & shocked. But prevented me to take legal steps against him. They thought that I’ll lose dignity in this Society. I know, it’s the real face of our society to blame a girl.

Last month, I confronted my cousin about his dirty deeds. He confessed & obtained pardon for his sins. I taught his little baby girl of 4, about child abuse in his presence. The abuser cried & promised not to do so further.

I know, he did a punishable crime. This emotional confession isn’t enough to stop him, but I can’t take a step because of my parents.

I’m trying to make awareness about ‘Sex Education’ where the word ‘SEX’- itself a taboo, Child Abuses are untold. I know it’s difficult, not impossible. It’s high time to break the Silence!

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