A food for thought for all of us

Peshwar attack 1Nazes Afroz:  “This school is right across my house in Peshawar. I saw those kids every morning going to school and then every afternoon on the way back from work. Today would’ve been the same day. Those little girls wearing their warm scarfs and waving at drivers like me who would stop their cars to let them cross the road, and waving back at them, smiling and thinking how cute they are. And then they’d go to their school like any other day only to be greeted by sharp bullets piercing through their tiny hearts and heads. Dying in hundreds. And those who didn’t die, would be crying and screaming with fear, seeing their friends dying in front of them.

The politicians may have a thousand words to condemn it, they may blame it upon India, Israel, America whoever. But we all know how to find the enemy, all we have to do is look within. We have an apologist within, each one of us. Everyone of us is a Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Fazlur Rehman and an Imran Khan. We secretly admire the Taliban and hope they’ll liberate Kashmir for us, seize Afghanistan for our greater good. Strategic depth makes us apologists. All of us.

And we Pakhtuns, the usual victims, shouldn’t even raise our voice because if we do it then we are traitors. We have ties with India. We take dollars from US. Anyone who raises his voice, is first killed and then disgraced. One thousand ANP workers died just because they raised voice against it. Malala raised voice against it and she barely survived. She and the thousand martyrs of ANP are disgraced in this country for life.

This country belongs to the hyper-nationalists, the India haters, the pak army lovers, the religious zealots. Everyone else is a traitor who needs to be killed and his kind extinguised in schools before they grow up.”

(Facebook status of Former BBC Journalist)

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