All of you just continue to be silent!

 Salma Luna(Translated by Sanchari Chakma):

Total seventeen thousand two hundred eighty-nine rape case files were recorded from January 2014 to December 2017 all over the country. Among the victims, the number of women is thirteen thousand eight hundred sixty-one and the number of children is three thousand five hundred twenty-eight.

Yes, the minister thyself speak out these numbers on a parliamentary answer. But no one has any concern and no one even gets angry by these numbers.

Even they don’t have responsibilities over these issues. Neither you have nor I. We will only see and hear and maximum a bolting up act and then we will forward to our next topic. Because we have or our no one turned to that number yet. We don’t travel alone in the bus at night. Neither our daughters come back from tuitions walking on the streets late at night. They don’t come back from a job interview or from garments factories alone. Our children don’t go to the neighbor’s house to watch TV, nor do they live alone at home. No one can provoke them by showing chocolates. We love our children and girls more than our lives. That’s why we keep them safe and sound. There are no rapists or greedy hands around us.


Then come let’s remain carefree and let them remain carefree too. And you remain carefree thinking about sixteen crore people’s well-being and pull out their hair, cry out loud while giving a speech. Let them serve millions of people while dealing with expensive phones and cars, whether you pay your phone bills or not. Let’s get ashamed thinking about how their days never turn into nights or nights never turn into mornings while serving people.

Sincerely I want to say another word that, here the number of seventeen thousand three hundred eighty-nine will fall within sixty million? Or they will be uncounted?

Well, while leaving should I tell you something about the latest incident?

Do you have time?

Do you want to hear?

A Tripura girl from hilly area studying in class four. She was a baby girl: just like your pampered baby girl. She was raped. And it did not end there;  her hands had been cut. No no please don’t mourn here already. There’s more to hear. And these rapists even shoved up a tree trunk in her wounded sexual organ…

Let’s forget about it! 

Let them be well. Let them serve people! Let them make new laws about who can be caught, who can be killed or who can be put into jail or can be abducted. Let them make laws to silence people and ensure that no one can speak out. Let them intimidate people, so people can be intimidated as they are now. Let them have power over you until you expire, let them not spare you even after death! 

We are here, No? We will watch your peals of victory. Will love you. We will love you and make sky and wind one-on-one. Don’t even think.

Don’t even say a word to stop raping. These rapes are just mere incidents; nothing more than that, right?

To let us know about the recent incident in the hilly area our friend Kungo Thang wrote, “ These strict guards of the nation, arm forces, police stations and BGB camp two feet afterward are no use if you can’t ensure the minimum security of the people of that area. Children are being raped every now and then, leaving the dead body afterward!  Housewives’ necks were cut after raping, girls after girls are being killed by giving poisons just after raping and even hanging with ceilings. You’re only to be seen when they fire the locality when they occupy their lands, loot and steal. You come forward to help these thieves.

What was the fault of that class 4 studying Tripura girl that her hand had been cut off just after the rape, why her vagina was wounded and a trunk is being pushed inside her anal? This horrible can be done only by you, these thieves who are occupying these hills with the help of the nation are your brothers. They have done these narcissistic happenings from decades to decades.

Don’t even get ashamed? Who said that rapists have no tribe? The rapists in the hilly areas belong to one tribe- Settler and Bangali.

Before making them minor forcefully, the hilly people were once major in the hills. Did they jump on minor Bengali women, did they indulge in fulfilling their lust by sexually violating children, did they kill children after children?”

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Salma Luna is a social worker and a passionate writer, who has a keen interest in politics and people. She has an academic background in Physics & Political Science.







Sanchari Chakma is a passionate feminist and a human rights activist who dreams to write in future on issues of injustice and to advocate for justice. She is also a passionate traveler.




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