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Sayere Nazabi Sayem:

“‘Biodiversity or being diverse makes life live. It specifies the existence of species’.

Says who? Biodiversity in humans is less likely to be found today. I mean, where did biodiversity even fit within today’s mankind? Humans today are bound to follow trends and set-carriers. One is made only to follow instructions? You mean automaton, a robot!

I know many will disagree with me but face it; you’re father told you to become an engineer because it runs in the family. Only other alternates are: doctor AND lawyer. This automaton has been happening for ages. Newest ones are carrying smart phones to prove eligibility, using social media to talk to your friends and form relationships. Because talking doesn’t happen face to face anymore, you have heart-to-heart conversations within that little box we know as inbox, people go to restaurants to browse WIFI, distribute treats to capture selfies and receive compliments. Films present “love at first sight” but nowadays in public, our sight is never away from the screen, never praising scenic beauty. Guess finally romantic films are turning false day by day because now you go through profiles and choose whom you like and who is going to be your next “trendy” or eligible girl/guy.

We live for “likes” or let’s say “points” that need to be compared at the end of the day; they determine our fashion and lifestyle. Trends are created in social networks. One day, such a robot with highest number of points, introduce something fresh to the world, example: narrow eyebrows. All other robots expecting to receive humongous amount of points, get their eyebrows done, lose “precious” brows. One robot does, everyone follows. Then suddenly another day, a popular TV show introduces thick, kohl-filled eyebrows. Social network supports the trend and voila! Everyone follows.

NO one cares about some girls who struggle to keep up with the trends and lost eyebrows and cannot get them to thicken before another trend comes up. She is laughed at by other “updated to the trend” robots.

In the 90’s, there was a lot of craze for curly hair because hit movie heroines had them as a start. Similar looking girls to the actresses are treated well. Recently, a friend of mine got rejected by her crush unless she straightened her hair like an actress in some trending TV show. It is stupid but harsh truth. He lives for the likes too, he expects people to compliment his girlfriend’s beauty that will enlighten his profile and gain him points. People will envy him. But if the trend changes, his “so called love” and taste will also change. So, I can guarantee the next generation will have plenty of divorces to face that will leave our grand-parents’ souls thunderstruck.

You may deny this but you are ALREADY a part of the system. Well, maybe I am too an automaton in which Error 404 has occurred.

Error 404 is an indication displayed on the computer screen during web browsing. It means that the user/ client were able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not identify or find what was requested or truly desired. I felt that complies with the confused society we live in today. Our heart wants something that we fail or don’t want to truly comprehend. Instead we get carried away with majority likings. So here, the client is the heart with true inner emotions that fail to receive what it truly wants from the person (here is server).

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