From Zero to Success: Mashraka’s story

Trishna Homroy (Translated by Sabiha Sultana):

The story started 16 years ago. After passing HSC, Mashraka Binta Mosharrof went to Germany to study Graphics Design. After completing a 1-year degree, she took admission in Dept. of Media and communication of Independent University. She also took a job in a consultancy firm.

In addition to her studying, she worked in different institutions. But she always felt something to do herself. So with her little savings as capital, she started her business of making skirts, Kurtis, scarves with Jamdani in her house with only 2 sewing machine and 2 employees. She sent her products to Germany through a friend living abroad. The response was good. More orders came for her products. But there was a shortage of capital. She had to simultaneously continue job alongside her business to earn money. She also used Reshmi, Motka, and Moslin as raw materials to make her products.

She found success with support from her friends. She also got recognition. This time she started making bags, shoes, curtain and other products with jute.

Her business grew more rapidly. In 2004, a new journey started officially with the name Creative Jute in Indira Road. 17 more employees joined. Her products also got variations. But still, there was a shortage of capital. She tried to take loans from banks. But due to mortgage, loan interest, and other criteria’s for a bank loan, she stepped back. Then she took a loan from a financial institution. This time she started exporting her products in USA, Japan, Portugal and other countries of the world. Now she had a net profit of 36 lakhs after all expenses.

She did find success, but Masraka had to cross many obstacles. This started with her own family. Her parents could not initially accept the fact that their daughter will do business instead of a job after graduating. But after watching her dedication they started supporting her.

Her business found a new dimension in a little time. Meanwhile, she took training from Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, SME Foundation, and Jute Diversification promotion center. She made herself proficient in many a recognition of her work the ministry of Textile and Jute of Bangladesh awarded her the best manufacturer of jute products.

She associated herself with jute industry out of her indomitable will to use our country’s traditional is her happiness to make golden fiber Jute useable to human. Her dream is that one day Jute will regain its place internationally. The glory of Jute will return.

The article was originally published in Women Chapter’s Bengali site on August 11, 2017. To read the original article, Click Here.
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Sabiha Sultana is currently a BBA student at Bangladesh University of Professionals. Her hobbies include reading books, free writing, debating, painting etc.



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