If a girl has an abusive boyfriend

Stela Koleva:

Stand up today and say I will not be abused. Love yourself enough to leave. Be safe.

If A Girl was a campaign in 2015 by SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd, a not for profit organization based in Zambia with a vision to raise a generation where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the development of the entire world. To know more about SAFIGI’s goals and activities, visit: http://www.safetyfirstforgirls.org

To every person reading this who is in an abusive relationship, I have one word for you: Leave.

Abusive relations are not only physically, mentally and socially damaging but they also put your life at risk. Hard to believe, picture this; you come home and your partner punches you in the face because you forgot to turn off the tv. Or, you are minding your own business when your partner verbally insults you because they’ve had a terrible day. Or imagine being locked out of the house because you were a minute late.

Living in an abusive relationship is the same as living with a terrorist. You feel intimidated, threatened and you are always walking on egg shells. One minute you will be laughing together and the next instant they turn into a monster that terrifies you. You are not sure if that night you will sit by the fire together or if you will be left in the cold with silent treatment.

It is soooo confusing. Why would anyone have to put up with that? The world is full of people who are ready to embrace you so throw away that relationship that scars your soul or your face. Do not be too scared to leave.

Just as I mentioned earlier, living with an abuser is just like living with a terrorist so you have to be very careful when you decide to leave the relationship. The best step is to report the abuser to the police.

Also, always secretly collect evidence of the abuse, it is difficult to collect evidence for emotional abuse but trust your gut to leave. Talk to a trusted friend or loved one about the trouble in your relationship and seek support from a therapist as well.

Bank enough money and resources to support you when you leave the relationship and never ever go back to an abusive relationship, you may not get out alive.

Stand up today and say I will not be abused. Love yourself enough to leave. Be safe.


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