Hash tag #MeToo: Is it really a great deal?

Sadia Rahman:

#MeToo has become a huge movement. The response is mind blowing. It is quite normal to get such response. Because almost every girl has faced it from the very beginning of their lives. To be honest it’s a bit surprising to see such response regarding this issue. Now the question is, is it really a great deal? Is it a big issue? Is it a feminist issue?

At first I thought what the use of such post is. Then I thought that this started when I was a kid and I dint even know what was that happening to me. When it first happened I remember, I was feeling uneasy and humiliated but failed reasoning my feelings. I grew up and learnt to speak out. But still; even now when I go outside I face if not directed then indirect harassment. I hear comments about my body from the uncle living in neighborhood to vehicle drivers. Classmates, random guys on streets or middle aged people they just love to make gestures to have their part of fun. In virtual world I receive dick pictures from strangers. People out there in streets who don’t know me like to use slang words for me. It is so frequent that sometimes I feel like may be something is wrong with me. May be my face or my movements or may be me as a whole is intimidating. I use to feel less of me in times. I was curious if these happen to other girls out there. Trust me; just out of curiosity I put that status on my Facebook profile. After that the response I saw was shocking. I knew it was never my fault to get assaulted, abused, molested, and harassed. I knew that. But the myth over the thousand years “May be you did something wrong, Good girls don’t get harassed” had its influence over me I guess. Before putting that status and watching women’s response I had doubt on the fact that almost every girl gets molested at least once in their lifetime.

Considering our social system I thought its taboo in our country or in this sub-continent only. In this social system sexuality is taboo so is perversion related to it. In Indian sub-continent, children are taught they are brought to this world by magic and they barely see their parents in romantic mood. Here if father cooks when mother is sick he’s considered an angel for performing a low standard work not allotted for him. Here a child gets molested by near ones first. After that traumatic experience victim is taught patience, family reputation, honor, politeness and silence. In other scenario, no one believes the victim and thinks he/she is making those perverted stories out of their weird imagination! Yes, they think it’s possible for a kid to imagine those things just to have fun! So I thought it’s an issue in this sub-continent. Then I looked into internet and I saw the length of this problem world widely. Yes, it was shocking.

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All these have brought me down to the question is hash tagging #MeToo is really a great deal? It’s not if you think it’s not. But if you are at least once have been a victim and decide to show solidarity,you’ll let people know the magnitude of this problem, of this perversion all across the world. Women out there will break the taboo, they will have courage, they’ll share, and they’ll know they are not alone in this. This will create a national, social concern. Parents will have to rethink the conditions. Predators will become less confident because now you can speak out loud, now you know you there is nothing wrong with you. Just imagine, if a guy out of blue gets hit on his nose, is he going to spare it? When you are grouped by a stranger it’s not your fault and you won’t spare it like that. To me, hash tagging #MeToo should not be a feminist issue either. You are speaking against an unjust which is your human right. Does not sugar coat every simple problem out there? Do not try to tag every problem and stereotype and do not try to lessen its importance. Just keep it as it is. Speak out, break the taboo. Make #MeToo a great deal.

Sadia Rahman is a Masters student at Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Other than writing, her passions include writing, debating and anchoring.
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