Life after lockdown: is it going to be the same?

Gunjan Das:

This unsolicited pandemic has succeeded in keeping us locked indoors for a long time. A lot of us are desperate and counting down days before the lockdown is lifted when things should hopefully go back to normal, pre-COVID-19 ways, and when we get back our precious freedom to meet up with friends, family, and do everything we used to do. But will life really go back to normal? Initially, I was very excited about this prospect myself and waiting for the lockdown to be eased and then eventually lifted. With time, however, I realized this needs to happen in a controlled way as it could otherwise introduce the second wave of virus spread, and our safety should come first. This has been a very difficult time – we all have been forced to change our routines, habits, and lifestyle. No doubt this has been a tough time, and I know a lot of us are going through mood swings, depression, stress, relationship problems not only between partners, but also between friends, parents, and children, siblings, colleagues, etc. It has become hard to be in control of all our emotions. It is not easy to cope with all the harsh restrictions we are currently under. On that note, we need to always remember to appreciate what we have in life, and understand that, although life and everything have been put on hold, we are at least healthy and doing our bit to fight this deadly virus.


Once the lockdown ends – what does this mean? Are we going to have full freedom when this happens? Is it safe to go back to normal? Will everything go back to that old normal life we used to have? Or are we going to have some kind of new normal? Are we going to be able to travel the world? Are we going to be able to meet our friends? Are we going to be able to go and see our family members around the world? Are we going to be able to do everything we used to? The answer is yes, but a number of the current restrictions will have to be maintained for our own safety – not forever but for some time. So, yes, we will have to queue outside stores, maintain social distancing, practice good hygiene, and possibly make some other substantial sacrifices too. Despite all this, we need to appreciate and enjoy everything we currently have and do in life because one never knows what’s out there in the future!

 The “new normal” will not be anything like the “old normal” we used to have – it will be a very cautious normal. 

About the writer:

Gunjan graduated from the Queen Mary University of London with an MSc degree in Chemistry. In January 2018, Gunjan has joined the University of Leeds to start the Ph.D. program with CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation) Future Manufacturing Hub. Born in Bangladesh, raised in Russia and UK,  a mixture of cultural exposure has encouraged Gunjan to become independent and follow her dreams.
Her favorite quote is: Work hard in silence, let success be the noise.


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