Man behind my life

Ihita Jalil:

I love you, more than I can say.

It was the year 2003, when a man came into my life. The man, who taught me
about life. This is a story of a hero, of my hero.

There is a very common proverb “Behind every successful man there is a
woman “may be I am one of those luckiest girls, who have a man that changed
her life for good. A man whom I respect most… love the most.

I was a heartbroken girl of 20. I was not pretty hot chick that most of the
men dream of. In fact I was a big fat girl with lots of unwanted facial hair
and last but not the least, my thick spectacles. I wasn’t a brilliant student
at all, neither a bad one.

But I had something else. I had an attractive voice. I was a pretty good
singer, a good anchor…good painter….a poet…and a good speaker. I was a
bookworm and quite matured one too. I had a bunch of friends because of my
friendly attitude.

But I never-ever thought that I will fall in love with one of my class-
mates. I never thought of the boys in my class, anything more than friends.

But a shy, little confident boy with a tremendous brain made it possible.
He was one of my best friends. But at the later days of our school life, he
proposed me. I was speechless. Then I thought that’s ok. I should say yes. It
will fine to grow up together.” The most important reason, however, was our
exam. I thought if I said no it will affect his study.

I don’t know about his thoughts. But as I told earlier, “I was quite
matured”. I had asked him, why do you like me? People will tease you that
your girlfriend is not that pretty. “Outlook doesn’t matter, inner beauty is
important”, he replied. I thought perhaps our thoughts are the same.

Days went on, but we were not like other couples. We never dated. We talked
over phone once a month for 10-15 minutes. We exchanged letters. In my eyes
that was our way of romance.

Day by day our distance increased, my love for him went up for him as well.
I always complained “you never express your feelings for me”.

One day he sent me a letter and he wrote “I Love you, I want you in my
life”. I was so happy. After a week he sent me another letter. In that letter
he wrote “I will never marry you, you are not pretty, you will become a very
good wife but not for me”. After that incident all hells broke loose for me,
we broke up. But I was completely shattered. Day by day I was losing my

Days went on, I had completed my higher secondary. I joined a drama group.
Those days I just hated all men. I remember it was a Bengali festival
“Chaitra Sankranti”.

The rehearsal of singing was going on in full swing. That time I watched a
boy sitting regularly beside me. He wanted to talk with me over little
excuses. As usual I felt irritated. He was a student of Bengali literature,
my favorite subject.

Day by day we started meeting each other and became very good friends. I
used to share every single incidents of my life with him.

One day, we were sitting in a restaurant and he suddenly proposed me –
“will you spend your entire life with me?” “No”, I promptly replied. He
asked, “Why?” I said, “I don’t love anyone.” He said you don’t need to, my
love is enough for both of us, you just hold my hand and walk with me the
whole life till death.”

I didn’t take him seriously. I thought, ok let’s see. I said to him I have
a condition. You have to marry me anytime I ask you to. I don’t want any
excuses. He said, ok.

One day, I just phoned him and said I want to marry you right now. He came
and hugged me and said, that’s ok I am with you. And from there, our story

He was five years older than me. In our two months and 23days relationship
he became my everything. We met in April 10, got engaged in June 8 and
married in August 31 in 2003.

Last August we celebrated 14 years of togetherness. We grew up together. We
got matured together… We now have a son, apple of our eyes. My parents like
him (my husband) very much. He is very popular in my family now.

In a relationship, couples promised many things to each other but there are
very few people in this world who keep their promises. My husband, kept all
his promises, till now at least.

Human minds are so mysterious. I have no expectations from him. May be one
day he will forget me, we will not be together…but in these 14 years, I
lived my whole life.

My family and friends always complain, why I don’t express my love for my

Today I am telling to the entire world. You are my best friend. I love you,
my dear husband. I love you more than I can ever express. You are the most
precious gift for me from God. God bless you.

The writer has done her graduation and post-graduation in management and is
currently working at the national news agency Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha
(BSS), as a senior sub-editor.

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