Running away from life is not a solution

Tanaya Dewan(Translated by Sadia Rahman):

To commit suicide is the greatest sin. There are few people who do not know that. Why do people choose this life in spite of knowing it as the greatest sin?

History demonstrates that people from all walks of life, starting with priests to beauty queen Marilyn Monroe , walked in that path of ending their lives. Indian beauty queen Divya Bharti to renowned laureates and famous doctor, engineers everyone has walked in this way. But why was that? What kind of void they may have in life to choose this way to the greatest sin?

Statistics say that every year around ten lakh people embrace suicide. It does not matter if they are established or not. One of the reasons behind suicide is facing depression for a long time. Depression may be caused by so many things such as complications in marriage, failure in love life or in academic life, complications in career or family conflicts. Any of these may cause depression to take place.

Let me tell a story of a girl’s life. She was a friendly, lively, viable girl. Suddenly she became silent. One day she decided to commit suicide. She didn’t choose that way in one day or from out of rage or being upset with anyone. Rather her surroundings made her take that decision intoxicating her life every day, every month. She was suffering from frustration for a long time. Once she started taking drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. That didn’t solve the problem in fact it increased. Besides all her expectations and beliefs were being closed. A girl who used to dream all the time her wheel of dreams became standstill.

It is 100 percent true that ream is the driving force of life. When a dream dies, people start dreaming new dreams- these are the normal characteristics of human beings. But people stop dreaming that is when the problem arises. That is what happened in her case. She took the help of a psychiatrist but it did not help her. One day, she took the decision of committing suicide. But she was lucky that she survived. Days were harder after that. She used to stare blank. She couldn’t even think that what would happen after two minutes and became an insomniac. She could not talk, could not laugh, and could not think. Can you imagine how the days were for her?

Then one day the girl thought she was being self-centered to think only about herself to only think about herself. Everyone wants to be happy but how many people want to make others happy? Why would she be like everyone else? No one cared for her does that mean that she won’t take the responsibility to make others happy?  Is there really someone who is 100% happy? Can you tell that? The practical answer is no. Then why is suicide considered away?

No one is completely happy on this earth. On who claims oneself a happy person investigations may show the deep black holes within his/her. Whatever one has, one tries to be happy with that.

Let me ask you some questions.  When you are hungry do you have the physical and economical ability to meet that need up?

Do you have enough attire to show off after meeting the fundamental needs?

Do you have a place to take a rest after a long tiring day?

You are reading this article spending your MBs on a computer or android phone. This indicates the answers to all these questions are affirmative.

Just think about those whose answer is no. Just think about how they are living their life fighting every moment. Aren’t they to commit suicide every morning and evening?

If they can fight it only with their inner courage then why not you? You should be able to do it more precisely. Open your eyes and see how many people beg others just to live. If they haven’t thought their life important they wouldn’t have begged to live.

Do not forget that your life is precious too. It is precious to you and others around you but miscommunication is taking place among you. First, understand it by yourself then make it understood to others.

I hope you know to run away is not life. But to fight and survive is life.

Keep in mind that in life it is dangerous to trust everyone; at the same time, it is dangerous to trust absolutely no one. So trust people only as much as they should be trusted.


  • The death of Bollywood actress Divya Bharti remains a mystery, although it was alleged that she took her own life, there are many who believe it was a murder. (

The original article in Bengali was published on August 4, 2017. To read the original article, Click Here

Tanaya Dewan completed her BBA and MBA in Finance. She hails from Rangamati, Bangladesh. 








Sadia Rahman is a final year student of English literature,Rajshahi University. Other than writing, her passions include writing, debating and anchoring.


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