Sojourner and the Triaged Moments: Part IV

Pamelia Riviere:

My loving family

August 9, 2022


I am open to new ways of doing things today, which is excellent because the Universe sends me tips and tricks to stay well—trying not to worry too much about things this time. 

I just rolled onto the bed but could not sleep at all. At 5 am, I felt hungry and could not lie down anymore, pretending I was asleep. So, I took my Synthroid that I missed yesterday. I pushed myself one more hour to sleep then I left the bed. I made my breakfast, took care of Freddie’s litter, and gave him breakfast too. Both of us sat down in the backyard. I think I messed up with my day and night pills, Paxlovid; maybe that is why I could not sleep at night.


The morning air felt heavenly. I enjoyed my tea sitting on my white bench under the maple tree. The twigs were swung for me for the gentle breeze and welcomed me for a new day. I could feel Buddha’s third Noble Truth, Non-Self, ego lessness. The end of suffering comes with the end of clinging. 

What a beautiful morning! I felt sleepy again from the cold air and went upstairs to lie down on the bed. I woke up with a few messages my daughter, son, and friends sent. I replied to them. I got a miss call from Ruellia, so I called her back to know about her health as she had an appointment with her family physician. Glad that her health report came good. 

And then I called my niece Riya. She got a beautiful baby boy after C Section but could not talk to her. She just came home, feeling pain and a bit tired with the newborn.

My brother Shezan called me to know about my health. It was a long talk. Now I got a headache. I am glad that I stopped coughing.

I thought my car would not take a start, but it worked. It has been a few days since I did not drive my car. I checked on my plants.

Then I had some fruit and juice for lunch. I am expecting this day will be better than yesterday.

In the evening, my nephew, Omi, came along with my Sis Camelia, his son Zavier and Zarif. As I said, my family does not listen to me when it comes to my health. They dropped tons of food in front of my door. My sister was standing in the garden, wiping her tears, looking at me with a sad face. My loneliness upset her. She was unhappy as I was alone in my house. I was shocked to see them in front of my home. Everyone opened their arms, and I did too. Lots of hugs in the air.

  My Sis was moaning: I do not like seeing your home darkened, and you are standing upstairs crying alone. Now she made me really cry….

She cooked food with her own hands. So, I can have fresh home food. And Shomi told me to finish sacks of oranges and blueberries so I could get back energy. Hahaha.

The sweetest message was from my grandkid Zavier, Omi’s son, who wished me in Bengali to stay well, “tui bhalo thakish.” He is so cute.

They told me bye. My darling Sis, my elder sister, was wiping her tears. To distract her, I told her to look at my garden. I asked her, how do you feel about seeing my beautiful garden? She said I don’t want to see the garden when you are so sick. I am sad about you. Then I told Omi to give her one gardenia from my garden. He plucked one Marigold and gave it to her. She held it and sat down in the car with a sad face, and I started crying while standing at the front door.

She brought so many fresh veggies from her garden that I organized everything in the fridge. And then I called her. I know she is returning home with a sad, sunk heart. She started crying again, hearing my voice. She kept saying to eat the food she made and take enough rest. I assured her that I would do so. I took a shower, gurgled, and went to bed. I felt good seeing my caring family around me.

(To be continued…)

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The writer is an expert in Curriculum and Pedagogy (CP), Peace and Conflict educator, Toronto, Canada. She can be reached at [email protected]


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