Sojourner and the Triaged Moments: Part V

Pamelia Riviere:

My loan journey: The Truth is never Buried

August 10, 2022


I am sharing my unique, open-minded perspective with you, who is now struggling with Covid or other sicknesses. My Covid experience might help even though you might not realize it. You will see your predicament in a way you should know about it. My experience will uplift you and give you hope when you struggle alone. I can help you see what is possible, not problematic. Make some time today to take a walk with me, cook your mind to make a comforting meal, LOVE AND PEACE! Let’s ask yourself how you are feeling today. 


I woke up and felt fresh. I saw a message from my neighbor Chris. He messaged me that he is leaving for a vacation, so his plants need watering if I can do that. I made him sure that I will and not to worry. He does not know I am not doing well; I have Covid. He is my good neighbor.

I walked down with my boy Freducinno and started morning chores. First, I watered my neighbor’s hanging plants. They look so dead and dry. He made it too late to message me. We used to share herbs, flower plants, and garden salad and care for each other’s needs. He gave me a bunch of fresh kale from his garden only a few weeks ago.


I went to the backyard and found many male pumpkin flowers blooming today. Wow! Lots of boys. And there is only a girl. Hahaha! I felt so happy to see her. Last few days, I plucked lots of male pumpkin and zucchini flowers. And I preserved them in a polybag in the refrigerator for making some flower fritters when I recovered. Today I used one healthy male pumpkin flower to pollinate the female flower. 

I found Freddie sitting under the tree like Buddha. His face is so sweet and peaceful. I planned to sit beside him on the white bench with a cup of tea. And I took lots of selfies with Freddie. He looks so cute when he looks up to see something with his wondering face. He was watching squirrels walking from twig to twig. He has many faces, and each face looks cute.

I came upstairs and planned to write my journal. I also shared today’s morning pictures with my kids and family members.

Oh no, I suddenly felt I lacked energy and was tired. I felt alone, unaided! 


Sturgeon Full Moon: A Rainbow of Hope

August 11, 2022


I do not listen to the negative types who only make me feel like everything is going downhill and that nothing is possible. Nothing could be further from the truth! I always remind myself that their point of view has nothing to do with my point of view and that I have a very different idea of what can and cannot be done. The key is to break my goals into small, achievable steps and tackle them individually. So about dealing with the Covid situation.

What happened to me in the early morning? Not sure! Freddie called me loudly at 5 am. I was surprised to hear Freddie’s constant calling. I woke up and called him, Fred, what happened to you? Then I got up from the bed to see what had happened to him. Freddie was so happy to see me and ran from room to room, seeing I woke up and was okay. I am sure I was snoring, and he got scared. So, Freddie felt something wrong with me and decided to wake me up. He is such a great soul. I took my Synthroid and went back to sleep. 

I woke up with a bad feeling. It seems my body is still fatigued. There is no freshness even after a long sleep. The mouth is bitter; the eyes are tired, and the head is spinning. Nothing feels like okay.

I woke up at 8 am, pushed myself to brush my teeth, and walked with Freddie to have breakfast together. I sat down in the backyard with Freddie and finished my tea. My body did not feel right even after having breakfast. I came upstairs and went straight to bed. I felt sleepy again, and I slept for 2 hours. 

I decided not to lie on the bed longer and push myself to concentrate on writing. A philosophical issue presents itself that should start you thinking about something new and wonderful. Your great mental energy is perfect for this problem, and you will likely end up in a better place by writing a journal.

I went to the backyard garden for a walk. My pumpkin plants crawled on the walkway as I could not take care of them to climb on the fence. I stamped on a twig and felt sad. I decided to cut all these twigs and cut them to put into the fridge. But the fridge is full of veggies and fruits, and I have no strength to cook them. Then I decided to wash these pumpkin leaves and boil them. I just used olive oil and salt to sauté them. It turned green and fresh and looked yummy. Only one scoop of veggies made me smile, happy and tired.

In the afternoon, I had some vegetable soup and sat upstairs balcony with my computer thinking fresh air would make a difference. I concentrated on writing today’s feelings. And then have early dinner with my pumpkin veggies. It was so yummy. 

 My elder sister, Camelia, called me to know about my health. She told me about the rebound of the Covid issue as I felt fatigued in the morning. Ralph said that there is also an effect rebound covid that can happen after you finish taking Paxlovid. Even after you test negative initially, you become positive again a week after treatment. So, I think it’s safe to say you should isolate for another week, at the least.


It was a stunning evening. August’s full Moon appeared on the night of Thursday, August 11, reaching peak illumination at 9:36 pm Eastern Time. I took videos and pictures for my children and family. From my upstairs balcony, I could see a big roundish Moon like a dinner plate. I wondered about seeing the Moon’s size when I came to Canada. My childhood memory was fond of a small Roti shape moon. It looks double size in Canadian Sky, which is not romantic to me, hahaha….

I did not know that the full Moon has so many names and a specific date to appear. I knew there was a Buddha Purnima. This is when full Moons will occur in 2022, according to NASA: January 17 Wolf Moon, February 16 Snow Moon, March 18 worm Moon, April 16 Pink Moon, May 16 Flower Moon, June 14 Strawberry Moon, July 13 Buck Moon, August 11 Sturgeon Moon, September 10 Harvest Moon, October 9 Hunter’s Moon, November 8 Beaver’s Moon, December 7 Cold Moon. Try to look toward the southeast after sunset on either of these nights. You would catch a glimpse of the Full Moon rising. Wow!

It is bedtime. Let’s see how I feel after I finish Paxlovid the day after tomorrow.

I need to take my dose and prepare to go to bed.

(To be continued….)

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The writer is an expert in Curriculum and Pedagogy (CP), Peace and Conflict educator, Toronto, Canada. She can be reached at [email protected]


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