Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept


‘ But one day, while Alfred’s mother was cleaning a far corner of the castle, Lord Henry started to tickle Alfred in a way that made him feel uncomfortable and sick inside.’
– Jay Sanders. Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept –

Alfred is a child Hero in the Book Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept where he was confronted with a situation where a man so highly respected and liked and who had also given his mother much needed help approached the young boy sexually. This is a must read for every child, nursery teachers and parents should own this book. The online version read by Debra Byrne can be found here.

Also recommended for your children is the book GRACIE FINDS HER VOICE  by Jacob Williams on VOICE TODAY.


  • Children are a usual target by predators because they are vulnerable hence educating them will make them aware when a situation is wrong.
  • Educating children on child sexual abuse empowers them to know when they are being abused and how they should react.
  • Using story books as a reach-out tool to children allows them to learn of serious matters in a fun way through illustrations and this also improves reading culture.
  • Teaching your child about sexual abuse makes them understand that their body is valuable and that they as children are priceless. It makes them understand their worth.
  • It educates children on the level of intimacy they are supposed to have and not supposed to have with people.
  • Creates a trust chain between educator and child because if the child has experienced something and you tell them about it, they will trust you to know the solution because they will discover the secret was never ever meant to be a secret in the first place.
    Reproduced from  I AM SAFE Project by Safety First for Girls.

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