Stop Barbarism showcasing the sacrifice of animals

CowWomen Chapter: Killing animal has become fun these days. I wish this cow, a cow tied and pulled up using crane in Pakistan, would speak in human language and tells us how our actions are becoming meaningless in 21st century. We are so fool, we are killing him to get some red meat, which is not really healthy psychologically and physically for our children and adult.

Offerings animals in religious festivals and fashion show also created controversy recently. In Bangladesh Zelta mobile and its director received critic and came in the social media for promoting sales of their medicine-free cows from their farms recently. Organizers of fashion show, parody writers or band parties do not think how an intelligent animal, cow ( or other animal) fight for life during they get killed in dairy farm by shooting in the head or slaughtering by knife during religious festival in India and Nepal and across the world and for consumption daily, though both scenes are heart aching. The Zelta mobile only thought how they can promote more consumption of medicine free animal. For our consumption we do not care other animal’s life that is fact. We, overpowered human being, take this killing right as granted.

We are obsessed of killing animal and eating meat daily. So, I thank to media to bring out this issue at least as a ridicule and backlash on animal killing vs religious controversy on the ethics and logic of publicizing the animal sacrifices. We need to pay attention, is teaching slaughtering mass animal for sacrifice necessary than ‘loving-kindness’ prayer?

I rather encourage youth to be aware of mass killing animal in one day on the occasions of different religious festivals and also excessive meat consumption habit. To grow a healthy generation they may write parody, arrange fashion show, educative VDSs to be openly critical of such meat consumption practices and stop showcasing the sacrifice of animals.


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