Don’t blame society…..

Tahera Jabeen: Media reporting on rise of violence incidents, specially increased cases of rape and violence against children, has raised the consciousness of many of my FB friends all on a sudden.

While I appreciate their concern as it shows their compassionate mind, but frankly speaking, I am a bit frustrated when I see that they are open to blame anybody for the cause rather than themselves.

speak-the-truthYes, we have created such a society, where we, the privileged class, feel comfortable to nurture our moral consciousness by blaming others. In doing so, we forget most of the time that we all have equal role to play for this situation… ‘Individual ideology creates violence………social structure and beliefs favor violence and weak government promotes it.’

Along with rights come responsibilities. If ‘I’, ‘We’ and ‘Government’, all fulfill their responsibilities and duties honestly, we would be in a different world.

Hence, my friends, rather than focusing so much on how society impacts the individual; we need to place an equal (or greater) amount of emphasis on how the individual can impact society.

Look back to yourself and ask whether you are ready to answer to this for yourself responsibly? It is only then that we can begin to engage in a discourse that can foster a real change. Otherwise, blame game culture will take us nowhere!

: Development Worker

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