Time To Talk Periods For Women And Girls Everywhere

Ada Oko-Williams:

Source: Internet

Claiming it’s that “time of the month” has long been a useful get out clause for girls across the world to escape an unwanted PE class. Indeed a new survey from Betty for Schools showed that half of all women confess to having used that excuse in the past.

Many of us grown women may have a wry smile at that statistic, remembering our own school days, but dig a bit deeper and the research is concerning. It seems from the findings that teenage girls are missing out on sport because of a fear of people finding out they are on their period. Three out of five women think avoiding PE in school can negatively impact on how girls feel about sport in adulthood, affecting future fitness and health.

So despite the progress we’ve made in recent years in bringing the issue of periods out into the open, the stigma and embarrassment is still holding women and girls back.

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