What do you see on her face?

Samapti Chakma:

What do you see on her face?

Some see China, Japan, Korea, Burma, Bhutan & Nepal,

Some see momos, frogs, snakes and a filthy insects eater!

Some give her the titles of chinky or ching-chang-chu as if it is written on her forhead!

Some are too kind to see,

She is just a mere minority girl to pity!

Judging the character of her gender of same kind;

You think the practice of teasing a fundamental right of yours,

and a public property to touch when she’s in crowd.

You don’t forget to assault her self-respect in the name of others property,

While you hold onto likewise as your property!

Questions that pop out from your brain,

She was just wondering what deficiency causing malfunctioning in your brain.

By seeing her face, if you can decide her country, custom and character…

Can you tell her please with what to reward you, while you are honoring her with those?

Samapti Chakma hails from Rangamati, Bangladesh. She did her Master of Arts in Sociology from South Asian University, New Delhi where she represented Bangladesh in the Cultural Committee from 2015-2016. She did her graduation from Delhi University and was actively involved in cultural activities of  DU. Presently she is working as Fk-fellow at Fredskorpset (Fk-Norway)



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