When an ad bother me…..

Fair & LovelyFarah N Huq: Doesn’t the new fair and lovely t.v commercial bother anyone or is it just me?….I am talking about the one where the model goes “bhalo chakri nijer bari protishthito….”biyer” agey cheleder majhey amra ja ja khuji meyeder majhey kano noy?” and lastly it mentions to give away scholarship to a few talented ladies out there….

I find most fair and lovely advertisements annoying but this one annoys me to limits! because it’s sending out not just one, but a couple of wrong messages to the society…

First of all …the model presents herself in a way that it’s only because she’s fair she is so confident and successful in her life….and by adding marriage “biye” to every commercial it seems ultimately “success” for a girl is all about presenting herself as an eligible bride…to please a man….not to please herself!

So the messages that are quite evident from these advertisements are :

Message no 1: You just can’t be successful in your life if you are not fair…..

Message no 2: Find a girl who has money bari gari(home, car).

Message no 3: Now that they have added a new concept to the criteria of finding a bride in addition to the criteria of having a fair complexion, they want to declare that they are only gonna help a few?

The rest of the women species I suppose can die unsuccessfully single due to lack of fair complexion and nijer bari! A woman is not a BEAUTY PRODUCT, a woman is not a SEXUAL OBJECT, a woman is not your LADDER to success with ‘gari bari’ etc.

Don’t dictate what a woman should be doing with her life….Just like any other guy out there, let women decide what they want!…. Stop discrimination…. Stop domination….Stop spreading such social prejudices and biases…..Stop exploiting women as a whole!!!! Happy Women’s Day to All!!!…..

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