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Fahmi Ela:

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Maybe it has been fifty years that women are officially related to the economy. The works which were once considered as ‘work of men’, are now done by both men and women. With proper studies and gathering knowledge, women have proven that the saying that they are weak is a bogus term. This is only to keep them captive at the home. This society was benefitted to keep women under the veil as they were easy ways of free toil.

By stepping out of the home, women have proven that they have all the qualities to be expert humans. But, the works which were once considered as ‘work of women’ are still done by men?  Previously, women had to do various household works. They worked in the field but the money earned by the golden harvest was kept by men. Still, the household works have no economic value. They only talked about heavenly honors. Till now, men differentiated the works of women by their male chauvinist ego. If they do those works they feel they would lose their manhood. Yet women have proven that they are as expert as the men in those works known as works of men.

Do we need any special organ to do the works we know as household works? How do we define those words to be the work of women? Society or culture defines it. But society and culture change day by day. If the society was unchanged then the civilization would not go ahead. We talk about taking the society ahead but can’t step out of the age-old ‘works of women’ term. Reason behind-

These works have no or less economic value.

As women are considered lower than men, then how can men do these works?

As women are doing household works, men are being benefitted. Who would not take benefits?

Didn’t society think once that if the women are taken out of the veil then, they would have to take both the responsibilities of being productive and reproductive? Didn’t they think about the fact that the burden of women would be doubled? Didn’t they think that women would be more vulnerable? Though society didn’t think of it, women proved their ability. Taking this double burden they are going forward. Still, they have to think of lagging behind, have to afraid. Because she is observed by the million eyes of men. If she makes a small mistake, she will be judged badly.

Actually, women really have the ability to be self-reliant. She is as efficient in outside work as household work. Men are badly dependent on household work. That dependence is on women or has to be bought by a price. But without this work, we can’t hold up the civilization.

Egoist man should become self-reliant to save his manhood. Along with this, it is essential to step out of the age-old nasty patriarchic system and make thyself modern. As society and values have been changed with women’s empowerment, men should get accustomed to these changes. Men should divide the household works in between. Men should step out of the age-old ideology.

This article was originally published in the Bengali language.

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Fahmia Ela is a feminist activist, writer, and human rights worker.

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