A day with the Rohingyas

Azwad Yusha:

11 year old Yusha shares his thoughts on the ongoing Rohingya crisis after visiting the refugee camp with his mother:

Rohingya issue is causing much trouble to Bangladesh recently. The Myanmar army is killing them brutally and burning their houses. So, more than 4 lac 80 thousand Rohingya took shelter in different camps in Bangladesh as refugees. On 27th September, I went to visit two of the camps-Moinnyarghona in Ukhiya and Unchiprang in Teknaf. The Rohingya people are suffering from lack of food, shelter and healthcare. They are also suffering from mental trauma. Many of them were injured on the way to Bangladesh. Some of their relatives were killed in front of them. I visited several families there and saw their sufferings. I will never forget this sorrowful experience.

Editor’s note: We thank the writer for expressing his concern for the persecuted minority and wish for a fruitful solution in the long run.

The writer is a grade 5 student in Foundation School.

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