An informative video by Think Bangla on rape culture in Bangladesh

WC Desk:

A few weeks ago, protests erupted in Bangladesh against rape after a video of a group of men attacking, stripping, and sexually assaulting a woman went viral. While there has been an alarming rise in sexual violence against women and girls, this is not something new and instead- the rape culture is prevalent for decades. In recent times, Bangla Team of Think, a volunteer-led charity that makes informative videos on history, science, art, etc, made an informative video on the prevailing rape culture in Bangladesh.

One of the best aspects of this video is that the narrative is not singular, and rather analyzes the issue of rape culture from several angles, taking into consideration the socio-political landscape of Bangladesh- increasing religious extremism, curtailed freedom of expression, violation of human rights, and therefore, in just 9 minutes, it made a courageous attempt to provide the audience with a 360-degree view on the topic, and the team did a good job! Team Women Chapter lauds the sincere efforts and hard work of Think Team in creating an informative video on a sensitive issue as such; encouraging the audience to think critically.



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