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Hadassah Louis:
Give in or Give Up Temptation?

The urge to do wrong reveal the violent conflict within us which is can prove hazardous for emotional safety if not controlled. The urge to do wrong can also be harmful to the recipient and any related person which puts the safety of the other person at risk.

What’s wrong with doing something bad, you may ask. The simple answer is doing something bad has negative effects not only on the individual doing wrong but also on the society at large. Even the smallest of wrongs has consequences that always follow that action. We certainly don’t want to be the ones to set off a chain of wrongs, do we?

5 Steps to Beat the Temptation To Do Wrong:


What is the temptation and what is causing it? By understanding the root cause of your situation from each side of the story you become more self-aware. Being self-aware will help you create more informed decisions not only in the given situation but also in your future decision making.


If you find your temptation too difficult to resist, ask for help. You can seek the counsel of a trusted loved one, counselor or a support group. Be sure that the person you are asking for help is not indulging in the same bad temptation that you are trying to fight. However, if they have had the same temptation and overcame, ask them how they did it.


Talking has therapeutic elements to it, especially if you speak to the right person. If you have no one to talk to, create a video log in which you will pour out your true emotions and feelings. Write about how you feel, then after a week or two or more, read and see what you think about what you wrote. Be sure to keep your vlog or diary in a safe place if you don’t want anyone to read it.

Do not keep bottled up emotions as they will find other ways of expression which may not prove to be healthy in the end. If someone has offended you, talk to them about it and avoid spreading gossip.

Also practice forgiveness in order to heal your emotions. Forgive yourself and forgive others.


It is nice to develop a hobby but if the hobby is not demanding enough, your mind will still drift back to your temptation. There is a saying an idle mind is the devils workshop. Certainly, if you do not engage in a good activity that is always demanding your attention, then you could easily think of a way to feed your temptation.

For those who believe in God, praying and worshipping can prove helpful; become active in your church activities or join the choir. However, if your given temptation is to not go to church and you feel bad about it, talk to an understanding adult and stand for what you believe in only if you see that it has good results.


Every action has a reaction. It’s science. Sometimes we may feel that our actions cannot possibly come back, especially those times when we didgood and did not see any good in return. Every good you do counts, no matter how small. Just as every bad, no matter how small.

Imagine that you have given into your temptation to do bad. What will be your immediate reaction when you do it? How will you feel a day later? What about a week later or 5 years? Who is getting hurt in the process? Are you getting hurt in the process?

Have you practiced any of the above four steps?

The golden rule: Do not do to others what you wouldn’t want to done to you or a loved one. So whenever tempted to do something wrong, do something good.

Do something good today.

Hadassah is a freelancer in Communication Media and Non Profit Management. She is Founder and Project Manager of SAFIGI Outreach Foundation   in Zambia, a youth led volunteer organization working to advance safety for girls via Safety Education.

Her goal in life is to attain overall freedom and ultimately be a delegate for peace and conflict resolution. When she is not overwhelmed with ever impending deadlines, she can be found working on her manuscript, or taking pictures for her blog []. She loves practicing healthy living and volunteering for worthy causes.


SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd is a not for profit organization based in Zambia with a vision to raise a generation where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the development of the entire world. To know more about SAFIGI’s goals and activities, visit

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