Parisha Dutta:

Image Source: TOI



I’m lying here alone. I’m just another hunt.

An hour or two, I lost the count.

I can see no human, I can hear no sound.


I was walking to hostel from the fresher’s of my college,

The night was foggy, the lights created a haze.

Laughters surrounded me and my tongue was cut,

The animals inside them could make me shut.


They tore my soul, threw acid on me,

My eyes were melting down to my belly.

I was trembling with heat, I had lost my sense,

With pleasure inside their minds, they enjoyed me in chains.


I can’t move my fingers, the veins are out,

My tongue lying silent, how can I shout?

And blood flowing down, wet is my gown,

For helping me stand, there’s no one in this town.


My clothes are torn, my skin showing up,

My hair is tangled, in the mud I’m stuck.

Ten men around me, my vagina was ripped,

Along with my strength, my tears too dripped.


This night will end and so will,

I’ll be noticed by tomorrow, my news will fly.

My parents will be broken, my sister will be unsafe,

Candle marches will follow my spirit to the grave.





Reproduced with permission from Parisha Writes, Parisha Dutta’s official facebook page.

About Parisha: 

Parisha Dutta is a rising writer, poet and blogger. She will soon join college and major in English Literature. She is of Bengali origin and currently resides in Guwahati, Assam, India. She would like to pursue a literary career as a poet and a writer. Her aim is to become a passionate writer and presently she is trying and working on lyrics and sonets.


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