Equality Culture in Nigeria

Podcast  by Damaris Akhigbe via UN Online Volunteers Service:

The culture discussed was from Nigeria and focused on issues like female circumcision, prostitution and the plight of young widows in the country.

LISTEN IN:  Positive Aspects of Equality Culture

LISTEN IN: Negative Aspects of Equality Culture


Equality Culture is a podcast by SAFIGI Outreach Foundation (Safety First for Girls). The discussions on the intersection between Culture and Gender Equality build on SAFIGIs goal for SDG 5 – gender equality and equity, and SDG 11- safer cities. Safety of girls begins with a safe space to talk about what is working in our culture and what needs to be improved.

Culture and various traditions play an integral part of a people who share common everyday experiences. It is a unifying factor which gives each group an identity and sense of belonging detailing the rich history of where people originated from. Many fight and die to preserve their culture and traditions. With globalization, environmental changes and development consistently spreading globally, it has become apparent that some traditional practices promote equal thriving of human beings while others pose a threat to equality and the upholding of human rights.

The #EqualityCulture discussions from across the globe will challenge us to think critically about equality from views of different cultures, thereby creating the first step to a more equal and safer world while embracing our unique values.

This project also aims at bringing volunteers from across the globe to experience a cultural exchange and identify positive traditions as well as speak with one voice supporting the empowerment of females regardless of where you live or what you look like.



SAFIGI Foundation is a dynamic body of volunteers and members who are passionate about improving safety for girls through safety education. SAFIGI strives to create a world where girls are empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of their life, for the benefit of global development.
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