Parisha Dutta:

“Fat”, a tag and a shame;

Calling me that gives you much fame.

Yeah, my face drops my chin and gives a broad grin;

But I’m not bothered; what makes you so mean?

You look at my belly and pass your comments,

Who gave you the right, I ain’t staying on your rents.

My butt looks big and chest looks high,

So what’s the big deal, why are you shy?

No tight frocks, no crop tops;

Why do you think it’ll create a big flop.

I don’t deserve, I don’t care;

Why no attention, this isn’t fair.

And there she laughs with a body stick thin;

And my ex leaves me cause I’m not a pretty queen.

So this makes me wonder, is my life over;

Because I’m fat, should I stay under cover?

But I’m not scared, I’m beautiful on my own;

My flesh doesn’t define me, I should never moan.

My soul creates beauty, my brain creates power;

My voice is the magic, and a tongue without sour.

And I always go out with pride in my face;

I’m a girl with dignity, I’m a girl with grace!

Reproduced with permission from Parisha Writes

Parisha Dutta is a rising writer, poet and blogger. She is of Bengali origin and currently resides in Guwahati, Assam, India. She would like to pursue a literary career as a poet and a writer. Her aim is to become a passionate writer and presently she is trying and working on lyrics and sonets.

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