Greta Thunberg nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

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Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teen activist who founded the Youth Strike for Climate Movement, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her work galvanizing youth around the world to take action on climate change! The 16-year-old began her skolstrejk för klimatet (school strike for climate) last August as a solo protest, but today her Fridays for Future protests span the globe. This week, an estimated 1.4 million students turned out for the Global Climate Strike, a day of action that saw over 2,000 events take place in 125 countries. Greta has persisted in her work to demand action from governments to address this environmental crisis, despite frequent criticism, much of it based on her age. “I agree with [my detractors], I’m too young to do this,” she recently wrote. “We children shouldn’t have to do this. But since almost no one is doing anything, and our very future is at risk, we feel like we have to continue.”

On the surface, Greta is an unlikely person to start a global movement: the teenager, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s four years ago, admits that she’s painfully shy. “I have always been that girl in the back who doesn’t say anything,” she explains. “I thought I couldn’t make a difference because I was too small.” But from an early age, stories about the dangers to our environment affected her more deeply than her peers. “I remember when I was younger, and in school, our teachers showed us films of plastic in the ocean, starving polar bears and so on. I cried through all the movies,” she recalls. “My classmates were concerned when they watched the film, but when it stopped, they started thinking about other things. I couldn’t do that…. Some people can just let things go, but I can’t, especially if there’s something that worries me or makes me sad.”

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Team Women Chapter wishes the heartiest congratulations to Greta for her contribution being recognized, and warmest wishes for continuing her activism

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