I have discovered my wings

Bilen Lemma:

I won’t leave the door wide open

There doesn’t remain a loose fence
For you to barge in as you may
And stomp all over me
Just so that you feel tall enough,
To find comfort in your position

There is no longer a space lying so fragile
For you to shatter into pieces
No! the wounds are replaced
I am renovated from the inside out
Built strong with a steady foundation
And a thick layer to protect me
Nothing left to ravage upon
As you wallow in your own insecurity

No receiver available for the rumbles,
The venom you spit out so carelessly
Lost in your own conversation
As you fail to see me
Since it is easier to make hasty assumptions
As you have deemed it useless to invest the energy,
To get to know the person I am
And the treasure that lies in me

I am no longer hostage to your kind words;
I ain’t no longer that gullible girl
Letting it all in without a filter
Chiming on your every word
Feeding upon your approval for survival
To know it is okay to claim my space on earth
Now I sift through and assimilate
Your loud voice has fallen as noise
I have discovered the truth
Reinvented me!

I won’t be buried in the ground no more,
I do not want to walk with my head down
Concealing myself just so that,
You are at peace with your reflection
I no longer seek your occasional helping hand
To help lift me up
I have discovered my wings
I stand, I rise and soar beautifully!

Bilen is an art enthusiast who spends her free time diving into activities in areas such as dance, fashion and writing. This is a piece shared from her blog https://bcatharsis101.blogspot.fr/ in which she pens down her encounters, tribulations and moments of self transformation, as poetic rumblings

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