How Is Motherhood Like Worldwide

Opshori Nondona:

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating motherhood and mothers worldwide. The relationship between mothers and children is the most unique and beautiful bond which can’t be described in words. Some people believe that motherhood is an individual concept. But I feel no matter what generation, time, age, culture, or country mothers are from, their feelings will always be the same for their children. It’s absolutely universal! I always wanted to know how’s motherhood like worldwide? So this Mother’s Day I would love to introduce to you all with some amazing moms and children I know from the different parts of the world!

Jessica Adams is a 19-year-old American teen mom with a beautiful baby boy Rooker. She was gifted with this beautiful baby when she was 17. While being a young mother she has been through many things and her mother has always been there for her during her hard times. In her words,” She always told me to do what I wanted and she would support me no matter where that may have taken me.” I have always loved Jessica for her positivity and how she has been enjoying her motherhood. She describes the relationship with her mom and with Rooker, as “FOREVER INSEPARABLE!” Undoubtedly it is! ” I am blessed to be Rooker’s mom, and I look at his time coming in my life as a savior. I was in a rough patch and I feel God sent me Rooker to get through that. I love him more than words can describe,” said Jessica. Though being a mom in such a young age is hard but she didn’t let her motherhood become her weakness, she turned it into her strength. She completed college and now a graduate. On her Graduation Hat, she wrote, THIS IS ALL FOR YOU ROOKER ATLAS”! It’s really for you Rooker! Thanks for becoming your mom’s greatest strength!

Pavla Grafova is a 20-year-old photographer from the Czech Republic. I have always been amazed by her amazing life journey she is leading by traveling to new places, photographies or trying new things. Pavla’s mother Jana Grafova has always been there for her no matter what. In my eyes, they have one of the sweetest mother-daughter bonds. “Sometimes we have a different opinion about my future but I always know that my mum wants the best for me,” said Pavla. Jana is very close to her kids and I love the way how she loves her motherhood. In her words,” Motherhood is my meaning of life.” She found her true self by being a mother. Both Pavla and her mom defined their relationship with the word,” Love”. It truly is! For Mrs. Grafova, being a mother and having a family of own is one of the greatest feelings in the world. That’s why she always wants her children to be together as a family because in her words, “Happy family is the most important thing in the world.”


Corina Kardol( on the left) is a 16-year-old Dutch swimmer. She is one of the nicest persons I have ever known. Maybe it’s because she always followed her mom’s advice. When she told me her mom’s advice I was so inspired. “She always taught me to be satisfied with what you have and always be polite and nice to people. Some things in life just happen and that with complaining you do not make it easier for yourself.” Corina’s mother Marja Kardol is a great mom who has always supported her 3 children in everything unless they would do something really bad which is totally against her principles. The life advice Mrs.Kardol has always given her children is, “To be humble and kind. To be a light in the darkness of the world”. Great Advice indeed! She is such kind of mom whom her children can always rely on and in her words, the relationship she has with her children is, “Loving, I’ll always love them and I know, and hope, they will love me as well.” Mrs. Kardol is a great example of how you can inspire people as a mom!


I’m Opshori Nondona, a 15-year-old girl from Bangladesh. My mom Fuleshwary Priyanandini is a freelance artist and writer who is also a daughter of a great soul, my inspiration of life, Ferdousi Priyabhashini.  My sculptor and freedom fighter grandma is the heart of motherhood in our family. My mom has always enjoyed her life as a mother. Before becoming our mother she became our best friend. This is what I think a mother-daughter relationship should be. My mother inspires me to be a Good Human more than anything. The relationship I and my sister have with our mother can’t be described in one word. The love she has for us is unconditional. “Motherhood is the only stage where I can find happiness, where I can find friendship & love and where I can find myself.” That’s what motherhood means to her.

After knowing all these amazing people, now I have realized, that every mother has her own unique story but their LOVE is common. She can be a young mom from America, she can be a loving mom from the Czech Republic, She can be an inspiring mom from Netherlands or She can even be an artistic mom from Bangladesh! No matter where they are from, all of them are connected in a chain, ‘The Chain of Motherhood, which unites them together. That’s why I can relate all these beautiful mothers so much with one another no matter how far they live. As my grandmother always said, You never have to say your mom I LOVE YOU to express your love because she already knows it! Much Love to the mothers all over the world and Happy Mothers Day again!




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