I Choose To Emerge As A Victor


By Medha Saha:

“I am 18 years old. I was born in Kolkata to a businessman and a housewife. Growing up, I was quite a fun-loving kid. In school, I loved being with friends & goofing around with them.

After school, I thought of persuading engineering from a renowned University of Kolkata. Like all school goers, I was also excited to step into the new phase of my life. The very first day, 21st August 2017 indeed started a new journey with a lot of uncertainties of what life ahead of me would be like.

In the morning of that very day, I left home for college. I was getting late as buses were coming less frequently and I thought of breaking my journey to reach my college. I still wish I had waited for few more minutes to get a direct bus. I boarded a bus, reached a bus stop, crossed the road & waited for another bus to arrive. It was 9:30 am, as the JnNURM AC bus arrived, there were many others teeming to get into it & I stood at the end of the line but the bus conductor asked the queue to move forward. I still remember for a fraction of a second I was embarrassed as I realised that I fell down on the road. The very next second, that embarrassment turned into pure horror and excruciating unimaginable pain as I looked back to see the end of my blue leggings was torn apart & my left foot was completely crushed & smashed by the bus’s rear tyre. Even after watching such a horrifying scene, I didn’t lose my sense. I took out my mobile, dialed my mom’s number and called home. Amidst all my wails, I could clearly hear all the gasps & worried conversations people were having around me. My mom contacted the traffic police & I was taken to a nearby hospital for first aid. In the meanwhile, I was very quickly losing a huge amount of blood which made me give up my hopes & all I wanted to do was to survive.

At the hospital, my uncle reached first & I felt a little assured that I didn’t have to fight the situation alone anymore. My friends and seniors from college arrived, tried their best to calm me down. As soon as my mom & aunt entered the emergency ward, I broke down into tears. I couldn’t behave like a brave young lady anymore. The hospital asked my family to take me to a higher setup & I was shifted to Columbia Asia. In the ambulance, my pain increased to an infinite level & I screamed my lungs out.

Next, I was taken for some X-ray & then to the surgery at 7:30 pm where the doctors tried their best to save my leg. But all their efforts were in vain as the damage had already been done. So, when I regained my consciousness at 10 p.m., I woke up as an amputee but I was glad to live. I looked down at my injured leg & saw it was all gone. I looked up at my family and friends & put up a brave smile on face. The next few days on hospital had many memories of pain but I found a sense of acceptance & was ready to take my life forward.

Two weeks later I joined my college. I had to stick to my wheelchair & was completely dependent on my friends for mobility. All my friends helped me to fight my depression with their constant support and I survived.

Time flew and after 3 months of the accident, I went for my prosthesis training. After months, I walked on both my legs and was euphoric. Not all days were easy but with every step I took, I gained confidence. I brought my prosthetic leg home on 21st November, exactly after four months of the accident. My prosthetic leg has given me the freedom to do most of the activities & has pushed me towards my normal life.

On 17th December 2017, I participated in TATA Steel marathon. That day is significant because it made me realize how strong my personality is & how I have successfully suppressed it earlier.

From seeing my family breaking down to seeing myself in the newspaper, I’ve seen it all. I aspire to become a skillful engineer & get a stable job. I still dream to travel around the world one day.

Everyone has the choice to be a victim or a victor from their painful past experiences & I still choose to emerge as a victor. After all, you define your past, your past doesn’t define you.”


Story Credit: The Logical Indian.




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