I’m Sorry but I am not Smart Enough to Handle these Trolls!

Tahiya Islam:

Tahiya Islam

We all are pretty much addicted to social media. Some of us stay in denial and some of us gladly accept our easily visible obsession over social media. There was a time when emails were used to keep in contact with families, friends, and colleagues. Nowadays there are several social media platforms where you can be as social, vocal, and opinionated as you like. But often, we, as smart and modern people, mix up opinions with indirect poking and trolling.

Various social media pages have become excessively popular for making trolls. Surely, these trolls are great sources of entertainment and fun to us but sometimes, these jokes/trolls become bizarre modes of bullying that we don’t even realize while making those.

Just like other normal individuals, I got disturbed by the fact there are some jokes going around the social medias which deliberately focus on a person’s body, skin complexion, features and later on use those to entertain others. It has bothered me a lot and some may say that it’s just a joke and I should learn to take a joke. Yes, I should learn to take a joke normally. But I am a backdated and educated person. I care when someone chubby is being called and made fun of if she/he is fat. I care when someone who everyday fights with low self-esteem because of his/her skin complexion. I also care when someone is criticized for the way he/she looks. I care and I get angry because I feel, as human beings and the best creation of God, we should act like the best creation of God. I don’t know why do people find those jokes funny and why do those images go viral among the people? I mean, what does the maker feel after making a joke like this? “Oh! I have cracked the most amazing joke of all time by invading someone’s privacy and stealing their pictures and insulting them because of their innate feature! Oh! I am so awesome and sarcastic!”

There was a time when we didn’t use to understand the meaning of sarcasm. I think that was the golden time. Because now we understand it SO GOOD that hurting people by practical jokes, insensitive remarks, sexist trolls have become synonyms of being sarcastic. Being insensitive has become the new meaning of being a sarcastic person. Well, that is not what sarcasm means by guys! That means you are nothing but a bully!

Anything that you do to make another person feel low and insecure about him/herself is considered bullying. Wow! Wait a minute! Did I just take a joke very seriously and compared it to bullying? Yes, I did and I would continue to do so!

Imagine you waking up in the morning and logging onto social media and seeing your picture as a troll where they are making fun of your skin color, the shape of your body, and the way you look! It wouldn’t be so FUNNY then, would it?

The truth is, you can never stop people from making these insensitive jokes, what you can do is you can educate yourself and refrain from being engaged in those cheap mockeries. If you share, comment, and participate in those trolls, you are sort of being a part of that cheap mockery. You can just ignore it and talk to your close ones about it if you see them being engaged with these nonsensical jokes.

Tahiya Islam completed her graduation from the Department of Pharmacy of East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is currently living in Selangor, Malaysia. Apart from her love for writing, she has a knack for public speaking as well. Her career goal is to become a teacher and be a motivational speaker.

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