Inspiring Women to Follow Their Dreams in Math and Science

Isabel Vacas Paez:

Hear Isabel Vacas Páez, manager, Accenture Digital, discuss how she was inspired to study engineering.

My mom encouraged me to be independent, to work hard, and to be whatever I wanted. She really inspired my life. My mom always told me: “Don’t limit yourself. Don’t allow people to limit what you want. You can go as far as you want, and you can always follow your dream. Don’t give up and continue working in what you like.”

I’ve been an engineer for more than 15 years. Since I was a child, I’ve loved to solve problems. I’ve loved math, and I’ve also loved to ask myself the “why” of things. I had a teacher who loved mathematics and science. Being his student led me to the moment when I realized I loved solving problems and that’s why I started to study engineering.


The challenge that I had in becoming an engineer as a woman was basically that there are a lot of men compared to women. I think it’s quite important to have more women in engineering and in science and math. We need to balance the percentage of men and women working in these areas. It’s something that needs to be changed. As soon as there are more women and more role models in that area, it will be easier for others to follow and be part of that.

So, I will say that my advice for young women is follow their passion, to continue growing and learning, and to be whatever they want to be.

Article reproduced from Huffington Post.



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