My Period Story: Finally An Understanding…

Image Source: MIMS Today

Dear Period,

I would appreciate it if you decided to stick to a schedule instead of randomly coming and going like you please. I buy you very expensive pads and tampons to keep you happy and from causing too much havoc so at least you could do something for me for a change!

However, I must thank you for being light and not too painful. You’ve never really caused me a huge amount of pain and I thank you for that as I would have been very annoyed if you decided to pain me. You’re also pretty consistently light which means I don’t have to worry too much.


Dear Anonymous

Soooo, what I’m taking away from this conversation is that you don’t think I’m that bad after all? Surely you’ve heard about your friends’ periods and how challenging they can be? I’d say you’ve got it good. Do you think it’s a coincidence that you buy me nice stuff and I don’t arrive like a crimson tidal wave? Mmmhmmm, I should think not.

Now about my arrival, nobody is perfect. I’m coordinating a lot of things on my end and sometimes things don’t align. Things which can be influenced by you, I may add. So we don’t get frustrated with one another and because I like what we have going (okay really I like the expensive stuff you buy me), why don’t you grab an app that lets you log info from the entire month, like how much you’re sleeping, what you’re eating, etc…. I think this will help you get more in sync with me. And I do enough work already, so this is on you.

Keep buying me nice things.

Your friend,

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