Life of immigrant Bengali women with over possessive husbands

Monorama Biswas (Translated by Sadia Rahman):

Representational Painting
By Igor Mykov

It does not feel right to talk about negativity. Something’s going on around me that make me think, what can possibly be the solution to get over these things.

I used to socialize a lot before. I frequently talked with others. Most of them are sad and their unsatisfied lifestyle makes me worried in real sense. I help them as far as I can with some suggestions. I used to do it more in the past. But when my son Arko attempted suicide I crawled under a shell. My struggle with life took a new turn.

Once I met an elderly woman in a picnic. She is very well behaved and initiated our conversation. We used to talk over phone very often. We shared our problems and realized my pain is nothing considered to hers. This woman was a teacher in a governmental college in our country. She traveled to another country with her two daughters as a wife of someone else’s. Her husband resided here from very beginning. I did not ask her why she had to come to her own husband disguised as someone else’s wife. How her husband used to torture her she often described me that. She took a job in a shop when she first came into this country. Her husband used to go there and asked the owners to fire his wife from the job. Also, he resorted to tactics to take away her money. She was unable to resist that. Her own sister also lives in this country. But her husband never allowed going there. Her sister died of cancer. She once said me crying “do not be like me”. She told me more such stories.

Her neighbor sometimes shared information with me through which  I came to know her husband used slangs towards her a lot. Not only that but also when her husband used to find good cooked food in home, he used to suspect his wife. He used to look for hints if there was another guy present there and used to express his mind in dirty language.

  • Let’s hear another ones story. This woman came to this country long ago. She has three children. Her husband takes away all the money she earns. If she refuses than he behaves rudely and quarrels with her. To maintain peace the lady gives away her money. Formerly she was not allowed to work. She was forbidden to go outside. Whenever husband was out of home he used to call again and again and kept spying. When she used to go to take her children from school, she could hear the phone ringing continuously. She used to run to pick up the phone and used to get rebuked.

“Why are you so late picking up the phone? “He used to search below the bed, in the bathrooms to check if there was another guy in home. Her younger sister resides in New York but she was not allowed to go there.  Her husband used to suspect her with her sister’s husband, There are  more such stories ,Once I got irritated and said “this guy is sick”

  • This story is one of my friend’s story. She is really beautiful, smart and her speaking skills are mesmerizing. In fact, I had befriended  her just to talk to her. She spoke a lot over phone. Her husband is a taxi driver by night. He is a lot older than her. Whenever she speaks to anyone her husband used to suspect her and abuse her verbally. Once I asked her, ‘why does he do that?”

She answered “If you want to weaken a woman you have to question her character.” Once my friend was working, just domestic household things. Her husband was out driving taxi. Suddenly she realized her husband was standing behind her silently. She screamed out in fear. Her husband had the key to house. He came to check if his wife was having an affair in his absence!

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A dentist by profession, Monorama Biswas graduated from Dhaka Dental College in 1991. She has also worked in United Nations and traveled extensively from 2009 to 2014. Originally from Bangladesh, she currently resides in USA.





Sadia Rahman is a final year student of English literature,Rajshahi University. Other than writing, her passions include writing, debating and anchoring.
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