Me too- revealing the magnitude of sexual assault/harassment

Women Chapter Desk:

According to BBC, Women and men from all over the globe who have been sexually harassed have been sharing their stories across social media using the hashtag “me too” to show the magnitude of sexual assault.

Muktasree Chakma Sathi, a rights activist from Bangladesh, narrated her stories of horror as she” decided to walk down in the bad memories’ lane and cry like hell and write down few of them -here in my post. Why? I explained that too “

Posts shared across social media platforms indeed demonstrate that it has been an issue that has been happening since long and cuts across gender, race, ethnicity and other boundaries.

According to Devika Mittal, a peace activist based in India, it is important to address the issue of sexual assault and end victim blaming:

While it is a powerful campaign, some are worried if it will be able to have any lasting impact. Sandhya Nair, a researcher based in Delhi wrote on Facebook: ” I am afraid ‘Me Too’ would become just another status update. I am afraid ‘They too’ will make us all more numb towards gender related harrassment and assualts of varying magnitude. I am afraid the multiple expressions of pain could lead to boredom and banality towards the very idea.”

While it is not a compulsion on everyone to speak up, as suggested by a twitter user, not every survivor owes us their story, it is a praiseworthy step towards breaking the taboo and silence. It is important to put an end to victim blaming.



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