My cocoon

Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur:

Image Source: Internet

I cocoon myself up,
And I do it well,
I detach and I try
Staying there,
There’s so much hurt 
In the reality,
That switching off
Seems to be a beautiful Fantasy.
A fantasy that I compose,
For myself
And towards myself.
I cocoon in yet again,
Because I become helpless,
Helpless to things I’ve absolutely
No control over,

I’ve learnt to be
To be away and quiet and
Vanish and not respond
Or maybe respond so coldly
That the other person
Walks away themselves.
I do it well, Do it well,
Cause I give up on the amount
Of hurt I can take and inhale
And breathe and keep in me.

I’ve learnt my lessons,
And yet everytime those lessons
Seem so brutal,
Brutality that drives me to different
You tell me I stay sad,
I’m telling you,
I’m better off without your
Judging me at all.

Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur is a lawyer pursuing her Masters at Law, from Amity Lucknow. Apart from law, her passions including writing, photography, dancing, and music.
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