News of changing days, changing minds

Supriti Dhar(Translated by Sanchari Chakma):

While scrolling news feeds a picture of Shammi Ehsaan captured my eyes. A girl is sitting on a scooty seen on the picture. In recent times this kind of scenes is popular. So there’s nothing to feel excite about right??

No, there is. Because she wrote,


My niece (sister in law’s daughter)

Her marriage has been fixed in Magura. Her father in law brought this scooty along with the engagement ring so that she can go to the office easily. My mind was filled with fascination. I was feeling like calling everyone to tell about this.

Just this much, but the impact of it is huge.  I was trying to get about changing days staring at the photo for a long time. Can we even imagine a  father in law is handing over the scooty keys to his to be daughter in law!! Is this Bangladesh? When darkness is capturing all around us, becoming a fundamentalist country, every known person making suffocating situation hiding under ten yards length cloths within some years, when the state itself is spreading communalism poisonous gas, there’s this kind of news make us hopeful. We really want to pray a lot of girls to be fortunate like Himika.  On the other hand, people like Himika’s father in law grew up in every home. Women motivity field is just to elaborate.

Hail Himika, Hail women’s independence!

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Supriti Dhar is a Human Rights Defender and founder of Women Chapter. She started her career as a Communication Associate with a non-government organization, and acquired specialization in media, communication, and journalism, and worked with various famous media houses, including Prothom Alo, BBC,, MAASRANGA TV etc.





Sanchari Chakma is a passionate feminist and a human rights activist who dreams to write in future on issues of injustice and to advocate for justice. She is also a passionate traveler.



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