ROYA: Fatima’s Story

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(Photo credit: Asif Rasooly)

Fatima was ten years old when she joined ROYA in the summer of 2016 and was weaving carpets with her mother and sister. Arezo Wardak Boomwalprovided a monthly sponsorship payment to replace Fatima’s wages enabling her to focus on her studies. When ROYA volunteer, Shukria Azadmanesh, went to meet Fatima’s government school teacher and observe the classes, Fatima and several other students were standing against the wall in front of the classroom being punished for not doing their homework. The teacher did not care that Fatima was home sick the day before and was not informed about the assignment. Although Fatima attended a governmental school, she could not read or write. The school conditions were very poor and the teachers were unqualified and did not encourage learning. ROYA volunteers made the decision to place Fatima, her siblings and cousins in a private school with the support of the Bamyan Foundation. Since then, the children have made great progress. Fatima took special classes for fifteen months to catch up to her peers in private school and is now in a regular 5th-grade classroom performing very well. In her last three months of special winter classes at the Royesh Private School, she was a top performing student and received all A’s and A+’s. In her recent letter to sponsors, she wrote, “I love Royesh School because the teachers are very kind and they teach very well. I have got 60 marks in my class progress report and it is the highest in my class.” We are proud of you, Fatima!! Keep up the great work!

(Photo credit: Asif Rasooly)

Reproduced from ROYA’s Facebook Page

About ROYA:

In the Dari language, the word ‘roya’ means dream. Full of hopes and dreams, the young people of Afghanistan are the single greatest resource of the entire country. They dream of a peaceful and developed country… a country without corruption and discrimination. And they dream of being part of the solution to build a better Afghanistan. The single vehicle that Afghan youth believe can help them to realize their dreams is education. ROYA – Resources of Young Afghans was born to help transform those dreams into reality… to help transform the dreams of today into the solutions for tomorrow.


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