The Painful Surprise

Ruchi Singh:

Source: Times of India

She is blamed for the wrong commitments
For the mess created by this world.
When she is not even present there
Already transported in her inner imaginary world
whose boundaries with the exterior, physically don’t exist.
This harshness of reality,
Still appears contradictory to mentality.
She doesn’t want to accept it
wish to create her imaginary kit.

When vanity takes toll on her
left with her with life creating more blur.
When tears are her only companion
and emotions find no podium.

People are calling her hubris
While her mind is full of debris.
Sometimes darkness is better than light
when she silently craves for the night.

Craziness is equivalent to the liveliness
while commitments done can’t reach their fullness?

Why shouldn’t she shout?
When everyone around her wants her tout

Sometimes things are better to be compressed
when there is no point in getting them expressed.

So the bubbly girl’s mind learned to survive
amidst of all this hive
No one will accept you here
still the fact is hidden everywhere.

Ruchi Singh hails from India and is a freelance writer apart from pursuing her studies. A passionate feminist, she likes to write about issues relating to women. Her hobbies include traveling.


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